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These 14 Quotes Will Help You Radically Accept Your Past (No Matter What It Was)

Sometimes, our pasts are filled with memories that are not the most pleasant. These memories of the past might include an abusive relationship with an ex or a period of depression or personal failures.

Emotional baggage from the past can extend into your present in many ways.

For example, your formative relationships in the past probably serve as a foundation for your present day relationships. And if you previously didn’t experience love in a healthy way, then this might distort your image of love today.

A lot of people might spend night after night remembering the lows that they’ve experienced, and these looming regrets hinder them from fully moving on.

It’s so strange and surprising how strong our relationship to the past can actually be. Not everyone has a squeaky clean past.

Some people have gone through the lowest of lows. While these lows don’t make for the best memories, the important thing to remember is that the past is the past. YOUR past.

Whatever it is, it’s behind you now and you’re at a new day.

It might seem easier said than done, but life is about constantly learning and unlearning.

You can’t change your past but you can always work for a better future.

Your lows don’t define you. You are worthy of self-love and acceptance. You don’t deserve to be weighed down by things that have already happened.

Once you learn to accept yourself and your past, then this is a step forward in moving on and putting everything behind you as you move FORWARD in life.

If you need some help, then here are 14 quotes from YourTango CEO Andrea Miller's amazing new book Radical Acceptance: The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love to show you that acceptance starts with yourself — because you deserve to replace all that regret and loathing of the past with self-care and love. 

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You are okay.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"No matter your flaws or shortcomings, you are okay; you are loved." —Andrea Miller

Never hesitate to love yourself.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"It is the opposite of selfish to love yourself, to know your worth, and to claim your beauty." Andrea Miller

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You are worthy.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"You have to believe that you are worthy of love, praise, sacrifice, tenderness, and, yes, because we are all flawed, that you are worthy of forgiveness and compassion." Andrea Miller

Learn to listen to that inner voice.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"No matter what love stage you are in, listen carefully to your inner voice—the one that is wise, kind, and bold. Then tell all of those internal critics who are on an endless loop in your head to STFU." Andrea Miller

Learn to liberate yourself.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"To suspend judgment and negativity is to liberate yourself." Andrea Miller

Accepting is the first step.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"You are no longer suppressing. You are accepting. I cannot adequately describe what a beautiful feeling that is." Andrea Miller

You deserve love.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"You are worthy of tremendous love. You deserve tremendous love." Andrea Miller

There is room enough for you in this world too.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"I always aim to operate from a place of abundance. There is room in this world for lots of beauty, success, love, and badassery, after all." Andrea Miller


Related:  The new book from YourTango founder Andrea Miller, Radical Acceptance: The Secret To Happy, Lasting Love," is now available to order.

Life is short.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"Life is too short. I know that’s easier said than done, but radically accepting your own shortcomings is every bit as important as radically accepting your partner’s." Andrea Miller

Being happy is easier than you think.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"The key to being magnetically attractive is feeling great about yourself! It’s all about confidence and that inner glow and bringing your best self to your relationship." Andrea Miller

Compassion is EVERYTHING.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"So, what is Radical Acceptance? It is loving without judgment. It is replacing judgment with compassion and empathy." Andrea Miller

Love yourself fully.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"It’s about loving yourself fully for who you really are—insecurities, flaws, and all." Andrea Miller

You have to allow yourself to accept the love you deserve.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"Love and abundance beget further love and abundance." Andrea Miller

No one is perfect.

Radical Acceptance Quotes

"People who self-actualize can be truly seen and loved for who they really are—including the scary, shameful parts." Andrea Miller