Watch This Lady Play An Entire Mozart Symphony With Her...Boobs

Photo: Jezebel
boob twerking

It's the newer, classier version of twerking.

Hold on to your hats because this may just be the next twerking. Seriously, if you thought that ladies moving their butt cheeks to a beat was impressive, this model demonstrating boob twerking to a symphony may blow your mind.

While moving your boobies around to some music in a bikini isn’t typically considered classy, this woman is changing that idea.

Model and tattoo lover, Sara X Mills, filmed herself twerking her boobs to Mozart and the video went viral.

In the video, Sara gets in front of the camera, takes off her robe and stands in her bikini top, facing the camera. She then puts on a symphony by Mozart and starts moving her breasts in perfect rhythm.

Many people have argued that the video is fake, saying that she used clear strings to move her breasts with her hands. However, Sara explains that the only thing fake about the video is her boobs. In fact, it is the silicone inside them that allows her to pull the whole thing off.

Explaining to all her Facebook haters that the video is real, Sara said, "While my boobs are very fake, the video is very real... I am flexing my pectoral muscles and it's moving my implants."

This is one hell of a party trick, don’t you think? Before running to get breast implants so that you can perform your own boob twerking symphonies, you may want to work on your pec muscles first. With enough reps at the gym, you may be able to achieve the same movement without the expensive silicone.

However, I’m sure that you have some party tricks of your own, so you may want to leave the boob twerking up to Sara. And if you’re feeling really crafty, why not get working on the next big twerking sensation. Ears? Belly rolls?

Start practicing and don’t forget to video tape yourself when you figure it out. The world is waiting.