9 Exotic Dancers Offer SEXY Tips For The Perfect Strip Tease

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how to do a strip tease

If you’re getting ready to surprise your partner for Valentine’s Day or just looking to spice things up in the bedroom... or living room... or kitchen, you may be contemplating whether a sexy lap dance or strip tease are in order.

The answer is almost always yes, but where to begin?

If you can barely watch the ladies at your gym during poll dancing class without blushing, let alone figure out how to work it for an actual human being, you’ll want to read on because even if you’re feeling shy, don’t know where to start, what to wear, what tunes to crank or how to move, the ladies of Sapphire Gentleman's Club have it down to a science — and they’re imparting their wisdom onto you. 

Here's how to do a strip tease and feel sexy as hell while doing it.

1. Pick out your outfit.

Emma, who has been dancing for eight years, is into garter belts and black lingerie. Or, as she calls it, “Femme Fatale style.”

“I’ve heard that more clothes are better, and I’ve also heard that less clothes are better. It's really about whatever is easier for you to slip in and out of and feel sexy doing it. Oh, and you should always end up in a G-string and red lipstick,” she says.

Of course, don’t forget the heels — comfortable ones. Also, wear layers; this way you have more to take off and the anticipation can build.

“The more you have to take off the better and it gives you something to do besides just dancing the whole time,” says Colby, who is also known as Sprinkles, because “sprinkles always go on top.”

2. Find your strip tease jam.

“There is no right song, but I can tell you this: the slower you move, the better it will look,” says Colby. “Pick a medium tempo song. When the time comes to give your man (or woman) a dance, just give them a push onto the couch. Take control.”

Chloe, who is newer to dancing at Sapphire, says that when choosing a song, you may want to choose something upbeat rather than slow and seductive because it “shows you're fun and allows you to have more fun with the dance while being sexy.”

“I like Ariana Grande's 'Side-to-Side' or Beyoncé's 'Yonce',” she says.

3. Get over your shyness by cranking up the music. 


“Try turning up the music louder. It always helps me feel more confident in my moves,” Chloe says.

Also, just know that your partner is thrilled to see you doing literally anything that involves removing your clothes and moving. A European man once told Colby that, "Heavier women in Europe wear their curves so much sexier than American women."

“When I asked him why, he replied with, ‘They’re more confident.’ Confidence is everything!” she said.

4. Introduce yourself.

"If you don’t know what to say, grab him by the tie and whisper, 'You’ve been working too hard' in his ear,” Colby suggests.

Chloe says that “Turning the music up, telling him you have a surprise for him, bringing him to the edge of a bed or chair, and having him sit with his feet apart” is also a great start.

If your partner is a lady, all of the above still applies, but maybe tug on her shirt since she’s most likely tie-less. And hey, you can pick any “stage” name you want, girl. Go nuts.

5. Move slowly during your strip tease.

Athena, who has been dancing at Sapphire for five years, says to keep the intro simple. “Make sure they’re comfortable, then start moving your hips in a sexy way to the music,” she says. 

Then make eye contact, and start seducing him with your inner beauty.

6. Remember not to take it all off too soon.


“It’s always a nice touch to take off your bra or top about halfway into the song,” Chloe says. All of the girls concur that you should never end up totally naked.

7. Try the "bend and snap" move.

“Basically, it’s holding the pole (or a chair, or nothing at all) with your right hand, extending your right leg out to the side, slowly sliding your left hand down your leg while your back bends down towards the right as well, and then quickly snap your head up making your hair flip back.”

8. Then, shake your thighs while performing your strip tease.

Every guy (or girl) loves a woman's backside, no matter how big or small, so my next go to move is to turn around, feet shoulder length apart, and just focus on shaking your thighs,” Chloe says. “This will make the ‘ass-clapping’ twerking effect they love to see in music videos.”

9. Always have a finishing move. 


“I put both of my hands on their thighs and flip my head upside down, so the back of my neck is basically against their crotch. Then, I kick my feet up with balance and put my butt in their face! It’s pretty easy once you get the motions down,” Colby says. “If I were you, I’d end by just keeping your panties on and pulling them to the side if they want more.”

Whatever happens when the music stops is up to you.