ALERT: "Twerking" Fitness Classes Are Now A Thing

Photo: WeHeartIt

It's more than just a dance; it's an ... exercise?

Twerking classes are a thing — in the United States and everywhere!

Violet Flame (in Scottsdale, Arizona), Lex Twerk Out (in Los Angeles) and Vixen Workout (Florida) offer twerking exercise classes, and Twerk Out Workout (in Atlanta, Georgia) will even teach a class at your girls night and bachelorette party. Sip on apricot Cosmos and have a serious sweat session. 

Some twerking exercise class combine pole dancing, hip hop or toning classes. If you are a beginner twerker you can burn 400-500 calories; if you're more experienced you could burn as much as 1000 calories!

But where twerking work out classes are really big is in Europe, and the Queen of Czech twerking is Anet Antosova

While she's very well known in Europe, she's gaining in popularity in the United States, and was even a featured performer in Kanye West's European tour.

One day it's the Czech Republic and the next, it's the world, and the world seems to be hungry for twerking.

Besides being an incredible dancer, Anet leads very popular twerk-workout or twerkshops all over Europe.

She's mesmerizing to watch. It's SO easy to get fixated on her always-moving booty. 

She obviously has all her twerk moves down from the Booty Pop to the Twerk Split, but also knows many other dance styles including Jamaican-dancehall, jazz, African and street.  

Her "twerkshops" are always packed, because she definitely practices what she teaches.

When Anet twerks, her face is just as expressive as her body, and it's easy to see how dedicated and focused she is on her art and how she wants to spread the twerk message through her classes and her performances.

Take a look at how Anet makes twerking look so amazing and maybe if you take a few twerking exercise classes, you could become the next Anet and get your booty into amazing shape.