Florida Man Cuts Wife’s Lover’s Penis Off With Scissors

It was a crime to dismember.

Who Is Alex Bonilla? New Details On Florida Man Who Cut Wife’s Lover’s Penis Off With Scissors Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office   

Alex Bonilla is a 49-year-old resident of a town about an hour west of Gainesville, Florida. Now he’s a resident of Gilchrist County’s Sheriff’s Office. Back in May, he caught his wife and neighbor doing it in his bedroom. This past Sunday, he broke into his neighbor’s house and mutilated his penis. What else is there to know about this wild Florida man?

1. Bonilla caught his wife and lover having sex two months ago.

According to experts, the most common cause of infidelity is a sense of emotional disconnection from your partner. When Bonilla saw his wife cheat on him, he held steadfastly onto his anger instead of communicating with her to solve their issues diplomatically. For two months he let it simmer until he was compelled to break into her lover’s home, hold him hostage at gunpoint, and mutilate his genitalia.


2. He tied the victim up at gunpoint.

The victim, conveniently, was Bonilla’s neighbor. He entered the victim’s trailer through an unlocked door and tied him up at gunpoint. He threatened to kill him if he resisted.


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3. He left with the dismembered member.

For real. At least, that’s what the victim told deputies that Bonilla actually fled the scene to his own home across the street with the severed penis in his possession. A couple of hours after responding to the original call, police found and detained Bonilla at his work.


4. He’s facing multiple felony charges.

Bonilla faces charges of aggravated assault, aggravated battery, false imprisonment, use of a firearm, burglary, and cruelty toward a child, NBC News reports. The final charge stems from the fact that two of the victim’s children were in the trailer home at the time of the assault.

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5. Florida issues the most amount of concealed weapons permits.

According to Daily News, he was armed with a Sig Sauer 9-mm. pistol. This gun is one of the most popular service pistols. Its used by police, military and security forces, as well as by many civilian shooters around the world. According to HG.org, Florida is by far the leader in the amount of concealed weapons permits that have been issued. They have more people holding their license than any other state in the nation. Some people are surprised that Florida beats out Texas, but surprisingly enough Texas does not even come near the over 900,000 permits that are held in Florida.

6. His bond is set at $1.25 million.

While Bonilla is sitting in jail, his victim is stable and recovering from his injuries at a local hospital. There’s no information as to whether the appendage was reattached. The Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment by People. All in all…I hope Bonilla thinks it was worth it because $1.25 million is a hefty price to pay. Maybe he can dicker it down, though.


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