25 Dirty "Never Have I Ever" Questions For Girls Who Like Girls

These questions might lead to some surprising answers...

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Raise your hand if you’ve never ever played the “Never Have I Ever…” game. Chances are, there will be very few hands up in the air.

The Never Have I Ever game is a fantastic and oftentimes hysterical way to bond with friends, break the ice in uncomfortable circumstances, or even to get all hot ‘n bothered with a crush, a date, or a long-time lover or spouse you’re looking to have a bit of good old fashioned fun with.


What could be better than discovering your sweet, innocent girlfriend once flashed a bartender for a free drink?

Or that your best friend has had sex one too many times in public for it to be a “coincidence?”


The Never Have I Ever questions can be anything from innocuous to straight up interrogation-style — though we wouldn’t recommend that last bit — and can give you new insights into the people (you thought) you know.


Want to find out who the devilish sex fiend is in your group of friends or if your new girlfriend has a sexy story to tell? How about revealing a little of your own past for a good laugh or two with all of your friends?

There’re few things better than cracking open a bottle (or several) of your favorite alcoholic beverage and getting down to business. It won’t be long now before you’re cracking open all of your friends and partner’s secrets and maybe even letting them in on some really interesting information about you, too!

This list contains some G- to R-rated questions for your lucky group of lesbian friends (and some even have a part two!) So drink, relax, and get ready for some laughable, sexy Never Have I Ever moments this evening, because ladies, this list is alllll for you.

Here are 25 funny and dirty Never Have I Ever questions for you and your girlfriends!


Never Have I Ever...

1. ...flashed a bartender (male or female) for a free drink.


2. ...called someone the wrong name during sex.

3. ...made out with a complete stranger.

4. ...given OR received a lap dance.

5. ...lusted after a friend or acquaintance’s mother or sister...

                        …or acted on those urges in secret.     


6. ...slept with a close friend.


7. ...slept with my best friend.

8. ...sent a dirty text to the wrong person...

                        …and then continued texting that person after I knew...

                        ...or texted the wrong person and PRETENDED it was an accident.


9. ...had sex in a room other than the bedroom. (Name the place!)

10. ...gone on a date for free food…

                        …knowing I had no intention of dating her.

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11. ...been in handcuffs, for any reason. (Explanation!) 

12. ...gone skinny dipping with someone in a pool.



13. ...said “I love you” just to have sex with someone.

14. ...used a common household item as a sex toy…

                       ...and then put it back where it belonged.

15. ...received OR initiated a booty call...

                       ...with an ex-girlfriend...

                       ...with a friend's ex-girlfriend.

16. ...taken nude pictures of a friend...

                       ...or had a friend take nude pictures of me.

17. ...grabbed a random woman’s ass in a public place...

                       ...that wasn't a dance club or bar.

18. ...had an alarming wet dream about someone I know... (Aaaand describe it!)


                       ...or a really enjoyable wet dream about a friend.


19. ...had a threesome with girls...

                       ...or had a threesome with a girl AND a guy.

20. ...played Naked Twister...

                       ...or any other game with a naked twist…


                       ...or with someone you secretly liked...

                       ...or with one or more exes.

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21. ...given OR received a strip tease...

                       ...somewhere REALLY inappropriate.

22. ...had sex in a public place.

                       ...somewhere REALLY inappropriate.

23. ...had an embarrassing celebrity crush... (Make them tell you who it is!)

                       ...on someone of the opposite gender.

24. ...lied about being on my period in order to have sex...

                       ...or claimed that it had "just started" afterward.

25. ...had sex on the first date.



Have fun finding out all of your friends' secrets!