20 XXX 'Never Have I Evers' To Reveal Just How Promiscuous You Are

Preface: Being experimental is NOT a bad thing.

'Never Have I Evers' To Show How Sexed Up You Are weheartit

Ever wonder whether you're the most experimental out of all your friends? A good game of "Never Have I Ever" can both get you wasted and help you figure out who's seen the most action out of your group of friends.

Here are 20 of the best "Never Have I Ever" questions to try next round! (Note: YourTango is not responsible for any insane acts done as a result of heavy drinking, but we'll totally be proud of you if it helps you get laid!)


Never have you ever: 

1. Done a MMF threesome


Two men instead of one? Scandalous! This is actually far rarer than a FFM threesome, which would include two women with only one man, but it's still common enough that you might get one or two people to drink.


2. Had sex with someone of the same sex

Sure, it's not as unusual as it once was, but most women have still not experimented with other women. Embrace it!

3. Had a threesome with two other women

For women who identify as straight or even bisexual, this is actually fairly rare as well.

4. Gotten drunk and hooked up with a stranger

Truthfully, we've all been there. If you can actually truthfully say you've never done this, you might want to live a little more.

5. Repurposed a household item as a sex toy



Here's looking at you, Mr. Vibrating Toothbrush.

6. Made your own sex toy

Are you the McGuyver of sex? Have you been a Plaster Caster? If so, you actually should have bragging rights here.

7. Slept with someone due to their Facebook following

Well, Facebook can be sexy.

8. Had sex during a wedding reception

It doesn't count if you're the bride!

9. Called someone the wrong name during sex

Yes, it does unfortunately happen. Oh well! You can trust us not to tell.

10. Received a noise complaint because of loud sex



It's difficult to tell whether this is one of those things where you would be embarrassed or proud.

11. Been hospitalized due to a sex act

Broken penises, stuck objects, and getting stuck TO your love all count on this one.

12. Gone to a swinger's club (and participated)

Yep, this is the final frontier for many folks.

13. Slept with someone you weren't supposed to sleep with

A boss, a coworker, a friend, a friend's husband...

14. Reenacted a favorite porn scene during sex

Okay, that one IS hot.

15. Watched porn during sex or foreplay



That's hot, too. And it will help you get where you need to go.

16. Made your own porn

Bonus points if it's on the internet.


17. Done soft BDSM stuff

Handcuffs, dom-sub play, and spankings all count on this level.

18. Done hard BDSM stuff

If it would make most people question your sanity, it probably is hard BDSM. Anything involving chains, electrocution, needles, fire, or anything that left serious marks belongs to this category.

19. Involved condiments or food in sex

That whipped cream scene in that one movie was pretty kinky, am I right? (Seriously though, sugar and vaginas don't mix.)

20. Had sex while high



If you don't like it, just pass the joint to the person on the left.