5 AMAZING Sex Positions For When Your Man Has Back Pain

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what sex positions are ok for bad back men

A 2009 study on back pain at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reported that "more than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives."

Those findings make sense since back pain is the leading cause of disability in the United States

Chronic back pain isn't an age issue, either. In fact, another report on back pain, issued by the World Health Organization's in 2013, revealed that individuals ages 35 to 55 will experience daily discomfort for nearly 60 percent to 70 percent of their adulthood when the best sex of their life has begun.


A bad back creates serious quandary when it comes to having sex. Sexual movement and orgasms can trigger painful back spasms.

But who wants to forgo sex and orgasms over a bad back? No one.

Of course, trying to solve the which-sex-position-can-I-do-without-back-pain problem isn't a one-person deal. Often, a sexual partner can verify that a bad back can put a damper on intimacy real fast.  


After a few unsuccessful attempts to orgasm before a back spasm strikes, you might not even want to experiment in bed with your partner. But you don't have to give up on a fulfilling sex life for fear of hurting your back. There are sex positions good for a bad back, and why not try them all?

Learning which one will take time, practice and a little self-discovery. And, like sexual preferences and styles of kink, a sex position that works best for you might not be what works for someone else who experiences back pain. 

To explore your personal needs and find which sex position is ideal for you, consider what body movement triggers spasms in your back.


How your body responds to movement is key to discovering which sex position would work best for your back. 

A study focusing on male back pain and sex positions was conducted by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Researchers used infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems to study how the male spine moved and what triggered back pain to match comfort levels with ideal sex positions.

By the end of the study, the researchers concluded that sex positions for back pain boiled down to a simple question: Is the back "flexion-intolerant" or "extension-intolerant"? These two terms sound pretty complicated, but they are actual common movements performed in daily activities. 

If a person feels pain when touching their toes, then there's a flexion intolerance issue. 


Flexion intolerant backs also get stiff when sitting down for too long. Backs that experience pain from these types of activities are triggered by extreme movement and body pressure. Sex positions that avoid pressure in the lower back are best. However, extension-intolerant backs experience pain when the back is arched.

There are 5 sex positions that work well for bad backs. 

1. Modified doggy-style on her elbows is great for backs that are flexion-intolerant.


Doggy-style is not only a hot sex position for most men, but it's also great for hitting the G-spot in women. In this sex position, the woman rests her upper body on her elbows near the edge of the bed so the male can stand and enter her from behind.

There are lots of ways to make this position more intimate for both you and your partner. In no time, you'll look forward to pain-free sex while making your partner feel even sexier. 

2. Modified doggy-style on her hands also works well for a back that needs more TLC.


If the woman's elevated rear still creates some pressure to the man's back, take things down a notch. Similar to the first modified doggy-style, in this sex position the woman supports her upper body with her hands. Her lowered body frame provides more control for the male during sexual movement but with less pressure to his back. Men being visual by nature will enjoy the hot view while having sex, which makes doggy-style a winner for men with flexion-intolerant back problems. 

3. Modified missionary position with her legs lowered keeps flexion-intolerant is another pain-free spine option.


What makes this one of the best sex positions for a bad back is that it allows the spine to avoid jolting movements and remain in the neutral position. Missionary position is also the most intimate of sex positions providing lots of opportunities to make out while having sex and see each other being pleased.

Chances are, you are already familiar with this sex position, but what makes it modified is that the legs of the woman remain lowered rather than elevated. 

4. Modified missionary position with male supporting himself on his elbows.


This sexy and intimate position is wonderful for multiple orgasm-making. Not only does it keep the back neutral, it allows the female to have more control. The woman elevates and flexes her hips upward, and she can use a pillow under her bottom if she wants to really feel stimulated at a higher angle.

The slower the movement the greater the orgasm for both parties. He can grab her behind and really pull her close in this sex position without having to put any pressure on his back, which is a plus.

5. Spooning is easy on backs that hurt when arched.


Although most chiropractors and doctors will suggest you avoid spooning in the bedroom with a bad back, it still may work for you especially if your back is extension-intolerant.

With your female's back pressed up against your core, there's a sense of support to the back. The added benefit of this sexual position is that you can stimulate her wherever you want without sacrificing your own pleasure.

The sense of holding each other is also intimate and inviting, so if things need to stop due to back discomfort, by either party, there's nothing wrong with a long cuddle session.