Have A Bad Back? Avoid Spooning In The Bedroom!


The problem with aging is the doozy it does on the human body. If grey hairs and wrinkles weren’t enough, there’s also the fact that the body just quits working as it used to, as though it’s officially give up. It’s devastating. But what's even more devastating is when all those aches and pains interfere with your sex life. It may be one thing to hobble from place to place because your legs or back are misbehaving, but it's another thing to have to avoid the lifeline that is sex because of it. Thankfully, scientists have been hard at working trying to figure out how to keep the love alive between the sheets, when your back is a big ol' mess.

According to a study out of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, the best way to get it on, without throwing your back out is to do it doggy-style. While earlier research suggested the spooning position for romps, a recent study of the spine forced scientists to kick that old notion to the curb and urge those who suffer from back pain to get up from laying down and get on their knees.

So, exactly how did scientists come to their conclusions? I mean, besides studying the spine with infrared and electromagnetic systems. Well, they closely examined "thrusting techniques," of 10 couples as they engaged in five common sex positions. I'm not sure who would sign up to be part of such a study, but I'm sure bad back sufferers the world over are stoked that someone did.

However, (because there’s always a "however," in science), the doggy-style technique isn't meant for every single person out there with back pain, because, well, duh, unless you and your partner are into pegging, women who suffer can't opt for doggy-style, and the findings are only specific to men who are "flexion-intolerant." What that means in layman's (pun!) terms, is that it's those who can’t touch their toes or sit for a long time without pain, who will benefit most from doggy-style. For them, the scientists prescribe a "hip-hinging motion rather than a thrusting with their spines," so as to avoid pain and any further damage.

As Professor Stuart McGill explains, many couples complain of back pain after sex and because of it, "Many couples will remain celibate because one night of love-making can lead to months of back agony." Ouch! Just because you're getting older and your back is giving you a bunch of hassle, doesn’t mean you should have to go without sex for months and months. I mean, what's the point of being a couple, if you’re not doing the deed ALL. THE. TIME?

Although this study has broken down the mystery of how men can have sex without killing their back, as I said, it doesn't do much for women. But before you flip your desk both in fury and out of pain because you've been sitting at your desk all day, the scientists will be publishing their findings on the female spine within the next few months. Which I imagine, for many, is truly exciting stuff.