4 Sex Positions To Help Him Get Hard — And Stay That Way

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When it comes to having sex, I am forever grateful that I am a woman. For one thing, I'm pretty sure having a penis would distract me immeasurably. For another thing, I don't have to worry about stuff like penis size, nor do I need to be concerned with the veritable Voldemort of having a penis: erectile dysfunction. 

For lots of men, erectile dysfunction taints (LOL, I said taint, no time to laugh about it now) each and every one of their sexual interactions. If they lose their erection during sex, they can feel deflated on more than just the penis level. If they manage to keep their erection, all the fun of having sex could be zapped away by constantly worrying about how long this ol' erection is going to be hanging out. 

While the various causes and cures for erectile dysfunction are unique and often best treated with the help of a doctor, there is something you guys can try together: sex positions. That's right, curing his erectile dysfunction might be as easy as switching up your sex positions. Here are just a few of my favorites that are just as fun as they are curative! 

1. Cowgirl! 


Man, I feel like the cowgirl sex position is the cure-all of the sex-having world, and I love it. Hell, what's not to love? When you're on top, you set the speed, you control the pressure, and you can become that much more attuned to when and if he's going to pop. If he was on top he might not be able to help himself, but with you at the reins (as it were) you can stop that noise flat. 

2. Adjust that missionary! 


Missionary is super underrated for a lot of reasons. If you aren't having fun doing missionary you're doing it wrong. It helps with erectile dysfunction if you do it perpendicularly so that his penis is entering you at a 90-degree angle. Having sex this way kind of transforms the top side of his penis into the dildo from heaven. If they even make dildos in heaven. MOVING ON. You'll receive extra clitoral stimulation, and he will be able to last a bit longer with this adjusted style of penetration. 

3. Spoon him! 


Spooning isn't my favorite sex position because the level of penetration is so shallow. But when it comes to sex positions for erectile dysfunction, the shallowness of the penetration is what you WANT. He won't be as stimulated as he might be using other sex positions, which could help him keep that penis up and active all night long. Plus spooning = more cuddles! ALL OF THE CUDDLES! ROAR! (I just really like cuddling). 

4. Oral! 


Guess what? Sometimes no amount of awesome sex positions is going to stop the problem of erectile dysfunction. But that doesn't mean either of you need to give up on having an active and healthy sex life. Sex positions aren't just always about a penis and vagina going at it. Sex can be about your mouth too, so don't leave it out of the equation. If he is having a hard (or not so hard) time getting his penis to get the job done, his mouth will work just fine.