7 Things More Warped In 'Beauty And The Beast' Than A Gay Character

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beauty and the beast

Because gay is the most normal thing about this movie.

If you're a Disney fan, or at the very least, a fan of Disney's Beauty and The Beast, then you probably know about the new live-action version of the movie starring Emma Watson that's headed for theaters on March 17. 

If you also read the news (or those posts your crazy Aunt Cheryl is always sharing on Facebook) then you probably also know that in the live-action version of the film, the role of Gaston's little buddy LeFou (played by the delightful Josh Gad) will be openly gay

Because the world is a festering pit of awful that refuses to let us have nice things, people are pissed off about this. Yeah, it's 2017, and we still have people who think that clutching their outrage about homosexuality to their chests is remotely acceptable.

The clowns who are pissed about this casting are protesting the movie by not going. Fine, more movie for me. The same people who protest gay people existing are also the people who are probably jerks during movies, so thank you for making my movie-going experience more positive, bigots. 

That said, I do still feel obligated to point out that someone being gay is the least messed up part of Beauty and the Beast. Should you doubt me, I have saved the receipts. 

1. Belle is literally dating a cursed devil bear. 


Have you even seen the beast?

2. Angela Lansbury, a nonagenarian, has a son who has yet to hit puberty. 


Like, who was Chip's dad even? 

3. Gaston eats 5 dozen eggs a day.


Yet, somehow it is the beast who fells him, not high cholesterol. 

4. Magic exists. 


You're not cool with gay people, but like, curses that turn people into inanimate objects = totally fine? 

5. Belle is kept prisoner by aforementioned devil bear who treats her like crap. 


I guess it's fine that he's a cursed prince who can't control his temper because he's a man and they are straight? Yeah, I'm just not seeing it, guys. 

6. People sing and dance about their feelings. 


That doesn't happen in real life! KILL IT WITH FIRE. 

7. Those three blonde girls are obsessed with men. 


They are obsessed with Gaston and only Gaston, getting his penis, keeping it, and singing about it. Greeeeat role model for you kids, bro.