12 Sweet But Sexy Goodnight Texts To Send Your Man

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sexy goodnight texts

One of the most delicious things about being in a relationship is also one of the most insufferable things to everyone who isn't in that relationship:

The rapid-fire exchange of adorable text messages.

Texting makes it easier than ever for couples to out-cute themselves like ever before. Can you even believe there once was a bygone day when couples had NO WAY of letting each other know that they just pooped or that they just ate an apple that was not very good?

The mind boggles. 

All my verbal side-eye aside, there is one kind of couples text that I find utterly the sweetest: sexy goodnight texts. 

And I don't just mean your average sexting experience. 

When you two are separated even if it's just for the night, sending some sexy goodnight texts is the next best thing to having them in your bed, tooting and spooning the night away. 

Here are 12 of my personal favorite sexy goodnight texts that go so much further than sexting. Hopefully they'll serve as a jumping off point the next time you're trying to compose your own. 

1. "I can't sleep, you're on my mind." 

Who doesn't love a little lovesick reminder of how much they are adored?

2. "Get in my bed."

This playful but aggressive faux-demand is as sexy as it is sweet."

3. "Make sure you touch yourself and think of me before you sleep tonight."

Saying goodnight is all well and good, but masturbating whilst thinking of the one you pine for is something special. 


4. "Goodnight, don't let the other girls bite."

Bed bugs are not sexy. But love bites definitely are. This is some sexting we can get behind. 

5. "Brushed my teeth and getting in bed. Fun fact: toothbrushes make for great deep throating practice."

Let your dude know you practice great oral hygiene and great oral sex moves too. 

6. "I love my bed but not as much as I love you."

Coming from a sleep-whore like me, this is basically a declaration of undying devotion.

7. "You taste sweeter than a midnight snack."

I feel a certain way about ice cream, and if I'm comparing you to ice cream, you know it's serious. Sexting, serious. 


8. "Goodnight, I can't wait until I see you tomorrow."

Simple, classy, and smitten. It doesn't get sexier.

9. "*insert tasteful nude here*"

It's totally okay to send naked photo. After all, they're a sexting staple. Just make sure they're classy AF and know they'll probably wind up keeping him awake! 

10. "Wishing on a star tonight to see you in my dreams."

This is cheesy as hell, but if this sexy text gets you laid WHO CARES?

11. "Going to bed but wishing I was giving you a lap dance."

Get out of ever having to give him a lap dance by letting him know you would if you weren't so damn sleepy. 


12. "Wearing my cutest jammies and pretending my pillow is you."

Let him know you miss him a lot, but not so much you are above spooning your pillow.