15 Quotes About Interracial Dating That Show How Far We've REALLY Come

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Because love sees no color.

It’s 2017, which means it’s definitely not uncommon to see interracial couples.

Personally, I’ve dated outside my race, and I found interracial dating to be, well, pretty much like any other type of dating. Love and relationships are about connecting and bonding as people and individuals, and race shouldn’t put a restriction on any of that.

Love and emotional connection usually happen independently of someone’s skin color.


That said, interracial dating does offer some interesting opportunities to learn about different cultures, and when you date someone of a different ethnicity, you get the pleasure of learning more about their family background and cultural upbringing. And in turn, you can share your own cultural upbringing with them and then get all giddy when you see that they're actually interested.

I’ve previously dated people who didn’t really care and would (ignorantly) say things like, “But race doesn’t really exist — we’re just people.” And I found comments like that to be extremely dismissive.

Race DOES exist, and people are shaped by their cultural upbringings.

It’s not a matter of disregarding someone’s race when you date them, but embracing it. The fact that interracial couples are mostly accepted shows just how far we’ve gone since the days when they were frowned upon.


If you want to feel inspired about interracial dating, then continue reading below for a few of our favorite quotes that will remind you of just how progressive our views on dating have become over the past decades.

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“When you are dealing with humanity as a family there's no question of integration or intermarriage. It's just one human being marrying another human being or one human being living around and with another human being.” —Malcom X

“Intermarriage is one of the most provocative words in the English language” ― Clotye Murdock Larsson, Marriage Across the Color Line

“Love is blind despite the world's attempt to give it eyes.” ―Matshona Dhliwayo

“I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.”

“Anytime you have sex with someone of a different race, think about that for a moment. Because nothing feels better than orgasming while thinking about all the progress we've made in civil rights in this country.” –Aziz Ansari

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” —Mother Theresa

"Love is not a color. Character is not a shade of skin.”

“I think it's something that needs to be said - that there are interracial marriages out there, and the couples live happy lives, and there's nothing wrong with it.” —Tia Mowry

“This is not a true problem, since individuals marry, not races.” —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

“I don't think there's a problem with dating somebody outside of your race, as long as you're doing it because you want to be with that person. Everybody tells you what you should do when you're dating, but if you follow your heart, it usually works out.” —Donald Faison

“It’s not about color. It’s about love.”

“When Brad and I got married in 2008, it got a lot of attention. And all the attention was over the fact that we were two men, but people were hardly conscious of the fact that we were entering into an interracial marriage. That's wonderful, because it was only 50 years ago with Loving v. Virginia that interracial marriages were made legal.” —George Takei

“My kids are coming up in a different time then me. Interracial couples are of the norm. With me, it's about making sure my kids understand the importance of education and having opportunities that I didn't. My goal as a parent is to make sure they don't take what they have for granted.” —Kevin Hart

“I see interracial couples all the time in Nashville. I'm a Jew in Nashville. I'm a gay person in Nashville. It's a non-issue in most of the time. That's a huge leap forward.” —Janis Ian

“Love knows no race. Interracial couples are a symbol of beauty.”