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Inside The 'Naked' Restaurant Where People Eat Completely Nude

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Inside The 'Naked' Restaurant Where People Eat Completely Nude

Not a fan of dress codes? Don’t worry, you might change your mind after hearing about Innato restaurant in Tenerife, Spain.

In 2017, the largest of the Canary Islands opened up an entirely new concept to its millions of visitors: an all nude dining experience. Yes, you read that right: the dress code is flesh, and taking off your clothes in this public space is highly encouraged. 

It sounds a little crazy, right? I mean, who would want their “problem areas” on display while they’re stuffing their face?

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However, the entire concept was inspired by a naked pop-up diner in London that had a massive wait list of over 45,000 people. I guess people really do want to lay it all out there.

Well, why shouldn’t people want to dine in the nude? Most people do it at home anyway, right?

Being naked is comfortable for sitting around with your friends to eat good food, having nice conversation and connecting, and it can be best accomplished without the boundaries of fibers and fabrics. In fact, a deep connection with the people around you is part of the concept and Innato takes measures to make that happen.

Guests to this restaurant must check their smartphones (and their coats) at the door before being led to a changing room to strip down.

Given a cozy bathrobe, nude diners are then led to their tables, which are separated by bamboo partitions, allowing them to enjoy the company of their friends in the nude, without being seen by other patrons.

A little bit of naked, a little bit of privacy, and some really sexy food? This experience kind of sounds like the perfect date.

While the whole concept of nude dining is hard to veer away from, the menu at this restaurant is worth talking about, too. They offer a “libido-boosting” menu full of aphrodisiacs that is — get this — served on top of human tables! Seriously, this is a thing.

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Male and female models are hired to sit pretty while their toned and tanned bodies work as the serving platters for your food. Don’t worry, though: a few fig leaves and vines are strategically placed to keep everything sanitary.

Love dessert? You can even order a “Happy Ending,” which is a melted chocolate and strawberries drizzled on top of one of the models. Aside from the frisky offerings, the menu looks pretty delicious with items like the Rib Burger, Olindo Lobster, and Pumpkin Ravioli. The food is organic, as is the wine and the place even offers a vegetarian menu.

The overall atmosphere is just as romantic as you would expect, with candlelight and intimate areas to relax with your oh-so-sexy dinner date.

According to the media in Spain, the restaurant has been saving relationships by reviving the love life of couples who come to dine there.

If you have plans to travel to Spain or just decided (thanks to this restaurant) that it may be a good idea, try visiting this sexy establishment. Just make sure it isn’t a surprise to the person you’ve invited to dinner.

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Shannon Ullman is a writer who focuses on women’s health, lifestyle, and relationships. 

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on February 14, 2017 and was updated with the latest information.

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