Woman Says Her Group Was 'Locked In' A Restaurant Because A Guest At Her Birthday Dinner Didn't Pay Their Bill

She claims the guest did not eat anything.

customers, restaurant @myhoneysmacks / TikTok 

We’ve all heard of dining and dashing. However, we’ve probably never heard of dining and being barricaded. 

That’s exactly what happened to a group of women dining at a restaurant after celebrating their friend’s birthday. 

The group of customers was locked inside the restaurant after one of the guests reportedly did not pay their bill. 

The incident was filmed and posted to TikTok by user @myhoneysmacks, where it has received over 230,000 views. 


The group of friends appears to be dining at a Japanese hibachi restaurant, celebrating a member of their group’s birthday. 

The video begins with one of the staff members playing a drum while wishing the guest a happy birthday. 

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The footage then cuts to an intense argument between the manager of the restaurant and the customers. The TikTok user claims that they were locked inside the building after one of their group members left before she paid for her meal. 


“They locked me in the restaurant because somebody at the dinner didn’t pay,” they wrote in the text overlay of the video. 

“She didn’t even eat any vegetables,” one of the women can be heard telling the manager as he demands that all of the food be paid for. 

The argument continues, with all of the group members jumping in to say something to the manager at once. 

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“Have you guys been here before?” he is heard asking them. 

“I have, that’s why I came here,” a woman presumed to be the birthday girl tells him. 

They go back and forth for a bit, before the manager throws the group out. 


“This is on camera, you acting like that!” one of the women warns him as they are leaving. 

Most TikTokers believed that the customers were wrong and one of them should have paid the friend’s bill when she didn’t. 

“I don’t blame the restaurant. Pay your friend's bill and then ask them to pay you back. Like this wasn’t necessary,” one user commented. 

“That’s embarrassing. You’re mad at the restaurant but ur friend didn't pay?? You’re mad at the wrong people,” another user pointed out. 

“Why are you doing all of this? In the eyes of the workers you tried to leave without paying (they ain’t know the details),” another user wrote. “Pay then fight your friend.” 


However, the TikTok user claimed in the comments section that her friend did not eat any food and therefore shouldn’t have had to pay. 

“Wait so a friend ordered/ate food and didn’t want to pay? Shouldn’t we be mad at the friend and not the owners?” one user asked. “She never ate,” the user responded. 

Although users believed that the guest was a part of the birthday dinner, she should have paid some of the bill. 

“Does not matter. In those restaurants, if you sit, you pay. How do they know she didn't eat?” one user wrote. 


“I assume u made a reservation, and they made a course according to the number you gave them,” another user pointed out. “You still gotta pay.” 

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