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Restaurant Bans Children Under 10 Because Of 'Noise' & 'Messes' — Local Parents Are Outraged

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When we go out to eat, we often want to unwind and catch up with our loved ones while indulging in delicious food. 

However, it can be difficult to enjoy restaurants when there are screaming children running about, smearing food on the floor and walls and just being plain disruptive — all while their parents do nothing to control them. 

One New Jersey restaurant decided to take care of this issue once and for all so that diners could enjoy their meal without being interrupted by rambunctious children. 

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The New Jersey restaurant announced that it would be banning all kids under 10 beginning on March 8, 2023. 

Nettie’s House of Spaghetti in Tinton Falls New Jersey announced the new rule on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

“Children under 10 will no longer be permitted to dine at Nettie’s,” the announcement read. 

The decision to bar children from the establishment came after increased noise levels, messes left behind by children, and concerns over limited space. 

“We love kids. We really, truly do. But lately, it’s been extremely challenging to accommodate children at Nettie’s,” the restaurant put out in a statement. 

“Between noise levels, lack of space for high chairs, cleaning up crazy messes, and the liability of kids running around the restaurant, we have decided that it’s time to take control of the situation.” 

They explained that the decision took much thought and was not an easy one to reach. 

“We know that this is going to make some of you very upset, especially those of you with very well-behaved kids, but we believed this is the right decision for our business moving forward,” they added. 

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Some customers not only agreed with Nettie’s new policy, but they also applauded it. 

"I didn't think I could love Nettie's more but here we are!" one Instagram user commented. 

"Never been to Nettie's but knowing I won't have to deal with children at a restaurant makes this establishment much more attractive. Will be coming soon!" another user expressed. 

“It’s their restaurant, their choice,” another user pointed out. “I love it. I hate eating out with a screaming kid next to me.” 

Other users brought up the fact that out-of-control children could also pose a safety hazard in restaurants. 

“This isn’t just about high chairs, strollers, or screaming kids. When parents let their kids run wild in a restaurant with servers carrying heavy and hot trays of food this becomes a huge liability to the restaurant, the staff, and the guests,” one user commented. 

“I applaud this restaurant for taking a stand and being a trailblazer in the service industry. It’s time for parents to be parents and not allow their kids to be out of control and put others' safety and livelihoods at risk.” 

“It’s a restaurant, not a Funplex. Please take your children to dinner somewhere appropriate for their age and energy and let places like this focus on what they’re good at which is serving adults who control themselves in public,” another user shared. 

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However, some patrons were outraged by the new policy, calling it ‘a complete slap in the face to families.’ 

“I think it’s wrong,” Craig Grinberg, a New Jersey resident told Inside Edition. “I think that they’re gonna lose a lot of customers who have young families.” 

“That’s just awful. Children are a part of the family unit. They are our future,” one Instagram user commented. “I would never patronize a restaurant that wouldn’t allow children. I wish you luck but don’t be surprised if it affects your bottom line.” 

“Wow… glad I plan on never visiting Nettie’s,” another user wrote. 

“Disgusting… I have been turned away from establishments with a similar attitude to yours just because I had a child with me, and let me tell you that it has forever changed my opinion of that restaurants. Your post makes me sick, and I hope everyone that feels the same way boycotts your restaurant,” one mother added. 

After the backlash from entitled parents, Nettie’s House of Spaghetti issued a statement defending their new policy. 

“We recognize that our decision to welcome guests over a certain age was met with emotional reactions on both sides,” the restaurant told Inside Edition. “Our intention was not to offend anyone.” 

“When we opened Nettie’s, we curated an atmosphere that is an expression of us, and we continue to evolve in a way that is best for our business.” 

Thankfully, New Jersey has other restaurants that allow children, and parents are more than welcome to bring their children there. 

Although if you plan on dining at Nettie’s, get a sitter and enjoy a meal that is free of screaming and disruptive children! 

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