30 Heart Tattoos To Remind You To Hold On When Things Go ALL Wrong

Photo: Tattoo.com
Heart Tattoos For When You Need Hope

Because sometimes life's surprises are just waiting for you to find them.

We all go through difficult times and that is part of what unites us as human beings. Because of this, we must keep in mind that we are not alone, that there is love all around us, and that love is worth fighting for even as life grows increasingly difficult.

Whether you are getting ready to leave home, starting a new school, going through a divorce or recovering from a tragedy, you should know that a support system must be nurtured in order for it to effectively help you heal. And, in return, we must do the same for the people around us, those worthy of our love.

That's what a tattoo is supposed to do: remind you of the things that mean something to you.

Tattoos are supposed to hold a deeper meaning than what another person's eye blindly sees. Whether you are getting a tattoo because it adds great meaning to your life (such as a spiritual tattoo), because it commemorates a person, or it cherishes a moment, odds are, you're going to think long and hard before settling on one.

Sometimes, though, you get a tattoo on a whim; it might just be something that caught your eye, and that gives it meaning in itself: spontaneity.

Despite what the tattoo looks like, odds are, each time you look down on it, it will remind you of the inspiration behind it all over again, so make sure you choose wisely.

Heart tattoos, in particular, are smart and can serve multiple purposes, regardless of whether you get it on your own or have your SO get the same one.

A heart tattoo will hold its own significance to each person, but for the most part, it should represent strength — serving its purpose to remind you of why you should keep hanging on to what's worth it when things are tough.


Now, of course, there are some people that are not worth holding onto, situations that are toxic, and times when life is trying to tell you to let go and continue onto another phase. But then, there are those situations that we must overcome in order to continue holding on to those worthy of us, to those we love selflessly, and to those that want the best for us and want to see us shine.

In those situations, tough times are worth facing, so put a tough face on, hold on tight, and get that tattoo. Each time chaos ensues, I hope you look down on your tattoo and find the courage to keep on going.