15 Couples Tattoos That Are WAY Cuter Than Any Engagement Ring

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couples tattoos

Are you getting ready to pop the question to your long-time partner? If so, take a moment and consider the concept of the engagement ring.

They’re traditional, sure, and can be quite lovely, but are they really THAT special? They all have the same general shape, same general vibe. And are they such an amazing symbol of the never-ending love in your relationship if they can be SO easily lost down a garbage disposal?

They’re nice, but if you’re dead-set committed to the whole monogamy thing — if you’re 100% sure you’ve found your soulmate — why not kick things up a notch, skip the wedding ring, and show off your eternal commitment by getting a couples tattoo?

I know what you’re thinking — but tattoos are so PERMANENT. Well, isn’t that the point?

And, sure, a quick image search will definitely show you some epic couple tattoos fails, but if you’ve put a lot of thought into it, a shared tattoo can be a truly beautiful expression of your mutual love. It gives you both something to show off, like a badge of honor.

They can be simple, elaborate, romantic, or silly. They can be tailor-made to match your relationship and they allow you FAR more ways to express yourself than platinum and diamonds ever could.

If you’re planning a proposal (and you think your partner might be game for the idea), here are 15 awesome couples tattoos that would act as brilliant replacements for the traditional engagement ring (and they probably won’t cost three months’ salary either).

Two Halves Become One

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couples tattoos

Yes, it’s a little cheesy and you might have to spend the rest of your life explaining why you have “LO” tattooed on your wrist, but, when the two halves come together, it really is surprisingly moving.

Affectionate One-Upmanship

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couples tattoos

Do you ever get stuck in the “I love you more ... NO, I love YOU more” loop? Why not let your tattoos take over the friendly argument for as long as you both shall live?

‘Til The Day of the Dead Do Us Part

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couples tattoos

Engagement tattoos can be simple OR they can be wild, expressive, and elaborate like this one. If you and your partner love Halloween WAY more than tasteful garden parties, maybe you should embrace your inner-Corpse Bride and go for something like this.

Like McAdams Loves Gosling

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couples tattoos

You have to respect these people. They went FULL-ON Notebook.

Space Oddities

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couples tattoos

It’s a lovely idea. One partner as a planet, the other as a rocketship — two lonely celestial objects destined to come together. (The mood will be ruined if you include a little Matt Damon farming poop-potatoes on the planet.)

Where We Fell in Love

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couples tattoos

How romantic is this? Getting the actual coordinates of where you fell in love tattooed on your arms forever. Maybe it’s where you first met, maybe it’s where you got married. But, regardless, it’s a swoon-worthy idea.

Getting Married with Miyazaki

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couples tattoos

These tats come from Ponyo, Studio Ghibli’s 2008 gentle retelling of the Little Mermaid legend, all about the sweet love between a goldfish princess and a young boy named Sosuke. Thematically, the movie is all about two individuals from different worlds falling in love, which is kind of a perfect way to celebrate your love with a fellow Japanese animation fan.

Fingerprint on Your Soul

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couples tattoos

Another inspired concept. You each get your respective thumbprints tattooed on each other, in such a way that, when you bring the two prints together, they form a heart. It’s beautiful AND adds a whole fun “getting your mugshots processed” vibe to the wedding.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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couples tattoos

What goes together better than PB and J? NOTHING.

99 Luftballons of Love

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99 Luftballons of Love

This Bansky-inspired couples tattoo is brilliant. It’s evocative, emotional, and, when you bring the two parts together, it creates something greater than its individual parts. Kinda like marriage.

Cue the Addictive Russian Music

couples tattoos

You have to appreciate the simple elegance of this piece of pixelated romance. Everyone has played Tetris, and the idea of celebrating your union by showing two sets of complementary Tetris pieces that fit perfectly together is awesome.

Couple Needs Love Badly

couples tattoos

Speaking of video games, pairing together these 8-Bit icons of arcade love is a wonderful way to show that you always want to press “Continue” on your two-player game of marital bliss.

Ten Fingers of Commitment

couples tattoos

Ditching the wedding rings, but still want to wear your love on your fingers? HOW can you get cooler than this set of couples’ finger tattoos, proudly declaring “STAY TRUE. HELL YEAH!”? Just because you’re married, it doesn’t mean you can’t both still be bad-asses.

Are You Han or Leia?

couples tattoos

Ideal for true Star Wars geeks. One of the most quoted declarations of love in movie history with some nice nerd-iconography to take the place of traditional wedding bands. Just make sure that your offspring don’t become Dark Lords of the Sith, OK?

Taking Nerd Love to the Next Level

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couples tattoos

These tattoos are brilliant, because there is SO much going on with them. Yes, they reference the same “I love you, I know” exchange from Empire Strikes Back, but they’re also gorgeously designed pieces of very personal art. They’re complimentary, but unique. Original, yet classic. This is the perfect example of how rings just can’t compete with tattoos when it comes to truly showing off the true personalities of the two people in love.