'Beer Yoga' Exists, So You Can Negate All Your Exercise With Booze

Photo: Facebook.com/bieryoga
beer yoga

It'll turn your "downward facing dog" into "downward facing drink."

If you love sitting with beer, swimming with beer, showering with beer, or just generally love beer and the benefits it brings to your life, then a new trend is going to blow your alcohol-lovin’ mind. You’ll never have to put your beer down again or ask someone to hold it before you do a crazy stunt, because now you’ll be flexible enough for anything.

There’s a new class that will actually make you want to sign up for classes at the gym, regardless if it’s BYOB or provided there for you: Beer Yoga.

Though this nifty trend apparently became a big hit initially with Berlinites, Germany’s BierYoga or just “BeerYoga,” it has now spread all the way down under to Australia where it’s really taking off.

BierYoga advertises that it’s the “marriage of two great loves — beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body, and soul.”

While this practice is a bit gimmicky, it is very much 100 percent the hard work of yoga practice. The founder of BierYoga, yogi Jhula, says, “Beer yoga is fun, but it’s no joke. We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.”

Interestingly enough, Jhula’s inspiration for BierYoga came from a visit to Burning Man, an American festival where a lot of people gather to listen to music, socialize and party, and burn a giant wooden effigy, hence its name.

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Regardless of its origin, BierYoga is definitely taking off and gathering a lot of steam. There are minor dangers involved, like sprained muscles or bottles falling off heads and smashing to the ground, but other than that, it really is just a lovely, relaxing workout where you get to drink beer and get hot AF.

There really seems to be no downsides to this exercise trend. I wonder when they might release a beer to go along with this. Maybe Namaste Ice or Yogaling. Ohmgaarden? Mantralob Light?

This is one “thing” that I wouldn’t mind getting involved in. After all, there’s not many places where you can strengthen your balance while sipping on a beer in your extended Warrior pose.