10 UBER-Sweet Poems To Read To The Man You Love Most

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Straight to the point (and heart!)

Sure, maybe the thought of reading your true love a poem makes you slightly nauseated, but if you really think about it, when we reflect on that feeling of being in love, it resonates through our bodies the same way our favorite song does.

The lovey-dovey sensation seems cheesy from the outside (and sometimes it's plain terrifying), but then why do we always seek out this feeling? Well, because even though love may be a fleeting feeling, it's the BEST feeling.

Love is abstract and complex, yet still so simple. EVERY day is a good day to remind your S.O how you feel, so why not recite some simple, yet powerful words to let your partner know just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

So we've gathered 10 of the SWEETEST short love poems to recite to your S.O. You're welcome. 

Love is life’s greatest gift, which is why people have a passion for love quotes — and we’ve got you covered. When it comes to saying “I love you”, the truth about marriage, or even finding the perfect love quote for your guy, we have all the cute (or sexy!) quotes you need.

A million stars up in the sky. One shines brighter, I can't deny. A love so precious, a love so true, a love that comes from me to you.

L is for laughter we had along the way
O is for 'optimisim' you gave me every day
V is for value of being my best friend
E is for eternity, a love that has no end.

Would it be alright to look in your eyes?
Would it be alright to never tell lies?
Would it be alright to find a way?
Would it be alright to long for the day
To pull you close and whisper in your ear
And tell you our feelings are nothing to fear?

If I thought for just one moment that this would be my last breath, 
I'd tell you I'll love you forever, even beyond death.
If I thought for just one moment that your face would be the last I'd see, 
I'd take a million pictures and save them just for me.
If I thought for just one moment that your voice would be the last I'd hear,
I'd listen attentively and promise not to shed a tear.
If I thought for just one moment that your touch would be the last I'd feel, 
I'd embrace you and know that this has all been real.
If I thought for just one moment that my heart would beat its last beat, 
I'd thank the Lord for allowing us to meet.

I wonder if it is possible for couples to be like us, so open to each other, having nothing to hide. Honest. No fear. But only respect for each other. Accepting unconditionally. Loving without a break. Anger that vanished in a kiss sometimes just in a touch. Expressing love even when there is no understanding.

If roses were red and violets could be blue, 
I'd take us away to a place just for two.
You'd see my true colors and all that I felt.
I'd see that you could love me and nobody else.

You showed me the true meaning of love. My guardian angel, sent from above.

When I say I love you, please believe it's true. When I say forever, know I'll never leave you. When I say goodbye, promise me you won't cry- because the day I'll be saying that will be the day that I die.

You've shown me how to live, what to smile and what to say. You've shown me what it's worth to love someone each and every day.

Your beautiful face, your fading smile, I vow to make you happy for more than just a while.