5 Weird But Amazing Korean Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

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korean beauty products

Snail face cream, anyone?

I am a total beauty junkie. 

I don't care how weird or gross a treatment may sound if it can make my skin glow and my eyes sparkle, I am willing to try it. 

That's probably how I wound up getting bird poop smeared on my face at a Manhattan spa. 

When it comes to skin care, it has become more well-known that Korean beauty products are the way to go. 

Korea is seven years ahead of America when it comes to dermatology, and their creams and potions prove it. 

If you're curious about Korean beauty products but you don't know where to start, I've got you covered.

Here are 5 of the Korean beauty products you've GOT to try. Yes, they're weird, but totally effective:

1. Snail face cream, $1.66 

That's right.

It's cream. For your face. With snail slime in it. 

What does it do? 

It brightens your complexion and is GREAT to put under your eyes to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles before you go to bed at night.

Also, it shockingly smells DAMN amazing.

And by amazing I mean not remotely like snail butt juice. 

2. Bird's nest cream, $162

Worried your skin isn't looking young and fresh?


That's right, apparently "bird's nest extract" contains amino acids that help skin look younger.

This cream also has literal bits of gold in it. 

You know, in case the bird's nest extract isn't doing for you. 

3. Melted cheese cream, $20

Don't worry. 

I am not actually suggesting that it is a good idea to pour melted cheese on your face.

Because, ouch, and also, ew! 

Instead, this rich cream lights and brightens. 

It's a fun consistency (yes, cheesy) and it melts into your skin like magic leaving it feeling all velvety and great! 

4. Donkey milk face cream, $13

Will donkey milk make you look so young you get carded?


For years donkey milk has been a natural remedy for dry, red skin.

Now it's making a comeback, and I'll be real, it smells great.

I always use this mask when I've got a big event the next day. 

5. Face slimmer, $46 

Worried about getting wrinkles around your mouth?

Then you should buy this face slimmer that's super popular in Japan and Korea. 

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Folks rave about it's strengthening effects, but I'll be real, nearly fifty bucks seems like a lot of dosh to pay to look like a damn fool. 

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