7 Men Vividly Describe Their Version Of A 'Perfect' Vagina

They did not hold back.

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All vaginas are beautiful, right? Sure they are. But just as women have our own preferences when it comes to men, the same can be said for how men feel about vaginas.

We rounded up a bunch of experts — as in, our guy friends — and asked them what they think makes their version of the "perfect vagina" stand out as a cut above the rest.

Some of what they had to say will probably surprise you. There were the romantics who think the most beautiful of vaginas is the one connected to the woman they love (awww!). Other, however, were far more blunt.


There's a lot men say the do and decidedly do not like, from too much hair or too little hair to overly floppy lips and just about everything in between.

While women may think most men prefer shaved vaginas, they seem pretty divided on the topic. Some of the men we asked agree that, yes, they are all about it, but some said they are actually uncomfortable with that particular look, as it makes them feel like they are sleeping with an underage girl.

Ultimately, you should really groom yourself they way you prefer. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy is the way to go.

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Of course, there's more than hair to consider. Men also notice the smell of a vagina. Generally, they said that if they don't like the way a woman smells, they are unlikely to go down her. (Related: The taste.) The ideal is a full sensory experience, they say.

Not a lot of pressure here at all...

So without further ado, lets take a closer look at the rest of what men told us about what they consider the ideal vagina.

What Men Say Makes for a "Perfect Vagina"

1. All of them are perfect.

"I was out with my girlfriend and a friend of hers the other night, and this topic actually came up. They were floored that there was so much variation between them, and to substantiate that point, I did a Google image search and showed them a ton of vulvas. They were blown away. I'm amazed by how little women know about what vaginas look like, including their own. But the point I told them is, sure, some look better on the outside, but it's what's inside that counts. And they're all a joy in that regard."


2. One that is clean.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, [I believe] the unanimous answer will be clean and tasty. A bit crude to put it like that, but let's be realistic for a moment. If I'm going to enjoy the scent and taste of all those delicate folds then I would appreciate that it not taste and smell like something washed three days ago before running a marathon in Florida in August. I can't say I prefer one look over another, just well taken care of."

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3. One that wants him inside of it.

"Let's be real: Our favorite vaginas are the ones that want to have sex with us, and when it's over, want to come back for more."

4. One that's attached to the woman he loves.

"The perfect vagina is attached to the woman that I love. And also, I hate that pubic hair is out of vogue."


5. One that smells good.

"It seems that some women in the world are out of touch with the fact that [they smell] kind of funky, so keep tabs on that."

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6. One that comes with a well-manicured lawn.

"It's always a disappointment to see a totally shaved vagina as I prefer to sleep with women, not first graders! A beautiful little landing strip offers so much more in terms of texture, contrast, and smell — a true sensory explosion that is just incredibly hot."


7. One that isn't too furry.

"As a man, I love any kind of vagina. I don't mind if they're hairy or not hairy, wrinkled or smooth, black or white. But what I do mind is a hairy vagina. [Forget] that."

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