9 Women VIVIDLY Describe Their Version Of A 'Perfect' Penis

And they are NOT holding back.

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While the statue of David will show you that a penis can be work of art, in general, are all penises beautiful?

Not really, but sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and women absolutely know what they like when it comes to seeing and interacting with what they consider the perfect penis. Spoiler alert: It varies. Obviously.

Here's what women say their perfect penis looks like.

1. Length + girth


"Enough length to feel connected and enough girth to feel filled." — Anonymous

2. Big enough to make or orgasm, but small enough so I can ride it.

"The perfect penis is about 8 to 9 inches long and very thick. This is so a woman is able to ride it without it popping out and interfering with an almost-orgasm. In addition, you can reach orgasm with only half of it in your body."  Sammy F.

3. It has to look like a banana.

"There are a variety of penises that I absolutely love, but the perfect penis to me looks like God took extra time to craft it. It has a mushroom-shaped head and even girth from head to shaft. It has an even flesh color light to dark browns are my favorites and has a slight upward curve like a banana." Tyomi Morgan


4. I prefer 'gummy penises.'

"I prefer what I like to call 'gummy penises,' the ones that can still bend and flex when fully erect without causing pain to him or to me when we get into crazy sex positions." — Tyomi

5. Size doesn't matter as long as he cleans up.

"Clean (well-groomed and cared for), smells like the person it's attached to (but not like [testicle] sweat), big enough to choke on; other than that, size is not terribly important as long as it's attached to someone who picks up condom wrappers when we're done." — Rachel J.

6. Bonus points if he 'helicopters' while flaccid

"Cut or uncut doesn't matter to me; all penises look different anyway. Most importantly, it must be attached to someone who is invested in my thorough enjoyment of said penis, and be willing to 'helicopter' when flaccid (swing one's [member] around in circular motions, like a helicopter) because that's funny, and laughing together strengthens the bond of sexual partners." — Anonymous


7. A nice penis must be attached to a nice person.

"The greatness of my penised partner is more important to me than the grandeur of their member. Don't get me wrong, a beautiful penis is wonderful, but it's way more satisfying if it belongs to someone who is a decent-to-excellent human." — Anonymous

8. One that fits in my vagina.

"There's no such thing as the perfect penis, is there? How about one that fits into my vagina without the obstacle of curvature or an oversized head?" — Sarah P.


9. If they can get it up and keep it up, that's all that matters.

"I will say that I care so much more about width and their ability to maintain an erection than I do about how long and big they are." — Anonymous