This Instagram Full Of Vaginas Proves That They're All Beautiful And Different

This Instagram account is full of vulva art.


They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. But despite their differences, all vulvas are beautiful.

In an effort to spread body positivity, the Instagram account is showing off artwork inspired by the beauty of the female genitalia.


Ladies, this is good news! We need this in our lives and on our Instagram feeds. Waking up, grabbing our phones and seeing colorful displays of feminism and femininity first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day.

The main illustrator of these glorious vulvas is Hilde Atalanta. She has been quoted as saying, “All vulvas are amazing and beautiful just the way they are." And we agree.


Working as the digital proprietor of the Vulva Gallery, her job is to curate a whole collection of vulva and vagina illustrations to show the beauty within their diversity. Atalanta is also the main artist and her work can be seen on the gallery’s main website as well as their Instagram account.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, she explained the mission of the gallery: “The only way to change the way... individuals experience their bodies is to educate them, and others, about the natural diversity.”


Diversity hasn’t always been considered beautiful thanks to pop culture and media shoving the “perfect” look down our throats. For years, woman have been taught to judge their own facial features, body proportions and even the appearance of their vaginas against the women who appear in movies, porn and in the magazines.

“In the past decade there has been an enormous increase in labiaplasty amongst young women,” Atalanta said. “In my opinion, labiaplasty because of cosmetic reasons isn’t a good development. No vulva-owning individual should have to undergo this just because they want their vulva to look like the ones they see on the internet."


Once feeling insecure about her own body, she hopes to use these platforms and her artwork to inspire others and teach them that it is OK to look different than what is shown to be beautiful in the media.

Through her vulva gallery, she hopes that women can get in touch with their own diverse beauty, both inside and out. 


All images: The Vulva Gallery