9 Men Reveal What They Really Think About Your Pubic Hair

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what men think of women's pubic hair

"In my personal experience, I've learned to never trust a girl with a bare vagina."

To shave or not to shave … that's the million-dollar question (and if you get razor burn as easily as I do in the winter then it's really a no-brainer). But for guys, does the decision to go bare really matter? Or is the bush coming back in style?

A survey discovered that a whopping 84 percent of women have admitted to "grooming" their pubic hair in some way, whether it was waxing, shaving, or just trimming it. But what do guys think about "scaping" or Brazilian wax to remove the hair down there? Well, it turns out what guys are looking for in vagina hair might not be what you think.

In fact, you'll probably be surprised. 

Here are what men REALLY think about your hair down there:

You've got to keep things tidy.


"I think it's just hygienic to keep it trimmed and cleaned. I wouldn't want a girl to go down on me if it looked like an unkempt forest," says Nathan, 23. "It's just healthy. Like, how can you see to clean it if you can't even get past all that hair?"

"To me," says Micah, 29, "a trimmed bush says, 'I take care of myself.'"

But should it be completely bare?

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This is where the guys surprised me the most.

Thomas, 25, said, "Totally nude is nice, but it's not a big deal if there's a little hair hidden down there. It makes it more of an adventure. Like, you never know what you're going to see behind closed doors when you approach a girl at a bar."

Alex, 27, says, "I prefer a nice little tuft of hair. It's more exciting that way."

And Anthony, 31, adds, "Look, I want a woman. A woman. Not someone who's just hit puberty and is still figuring out what they want from their body. I feel like pubic hair — well-manicured pubic hair — is like a rite of passage. You don't get it until you do and then you should own it." He adds, "I find a little hair sexy as well."

A lot of men agree: don't go fully nude.


Ryder, 26, added, "It's always good to see a woman for what she really is — a woman. I think a little hair is sexy and mischievous. It says to me that she's confident in her sexuality to be her natural self and with that, to show off the things that make her most feminine."

"In my personal experience, I've learned to never trust a girl with a bare vagina," says Jamal, 25. "Sorry, but it's true. I've messed around with a few girls with who kept it completely barren down there and later, I've come to find out that they weren't sleeping with just me. I'm not trying to stereotype all women here, but honestly, a bare vagina says 'I'm up to no good.'"

"My girlfriend and I have been together for eight years," Tyler, 29, says, "so I've kind of seen it all in terms of her lady parts. I feel like the completely nude era was just a phase — not something that she or I wanted to experience forever. For her, it was way too much maintenance and for me it was just not really cool. I realized as we grew up I was way more into hair. Turns out, she was, too."

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"Okay, look," says Evan, before launching into a lecture on the stereotypical nature of society and their view on men as sexual beings. "Everybody thinks that guys want a girl who has no hair at all on her body because in their heads, every guy’s biggest fantasy is to take home a girl that looks like a porn star. They’re wrong. We don’t want a girl to be completely empty of the things that make her a woman. But we do want them to be clean. There’s a huge difference between the two. And it’s unfair to assume that all guys want the same thing."


Philip, 28, adds, "I'd rather deal with hair on a vagina than those awful irritation bumps from shaving. I know they hurt for the girl, but damn! They’re just as awful for guys, too."

Men want a woman, not a girl.

To sum it all up, Jason, 27, says plainly, "No hair at all is too infantile for my tastes."