10 Men Share Their Unfiltered Thoughts On The Taste Of Your Vagina

"Too perfumed or powdered definitely feels like something is being covered up."

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When a guy performs cunnilingus on us, it can be pretty amazing both for the giver and for the receiver. Of course, guys do have their limits...

"Bodies are funky things. So long as there isn't an infection or lots of blood, I'm down for anything. I actually don't mind the taste and is part of the whole experience," one anonymous man shared.

Of course, we want to smell and taste our best for our partner. While performing oral sex may be about us, we want it to be a great experience for them as well. Plus, this comes down to an issue of personal pride, right? Who wants our date to think we don't taste as good as their ex? 


Most seem to like it quite a lot, of course, but just as anyone would, they do have their preferences for how to make things better for all involved. You might want to take some notes. 

So, here's what guys think about the way a vagina tastes when they go down on us.

1. It's delicious.

"I haven't really tasted one I didn't like because I haven't tasted one that didn't smell at least pretty good. I like it if you like your own vagina taste, like when you [lick] my finger or kiss me after I gave you an oral orgasm or two."


2. I don't mind the taste... unless she's ungroomed.

"Honestly, I love performing oral sex regardless of taste or smell. In an ideal world, I would choose shaved and clean; however, I do not discriminate because once I get in, I don't care what it smells like — I just want it all over me."

3. It really depends on the girl.


"Some are really gross and others taste so clean and fresh. I can only assume proper hygiene is part of it, but also, whether a woman has cleansed and detoxed and is healthy deep in her body in general. One really stinky girl smoked cigarettes. I don't have enough experience to know if that was it, because I generally avoid girls who smoke, but maybe?"


4. Ladies, you are naturally sweet and fresh.

"As with a guy's semen, various factors can affect the taste of the vagina and her juices: time of the month, diet, time of day, her hygiene protocol. Yes, at times there can be a fish-like taste and sometimes, a more bitter taste. Other times there's a tad sweetness to it and I do like to taste a woman after a fresh shower au naturale. I don't need perfumey type oils or lotions added."

5. I don't even notice it.

"I get so lost in the act that I forget about the taste. I know by the smell whether I would or wouldn’t, so if I’m down there, I’m all in."

6. As long as it's clean...

"If it has no taste and it's clean, it's one of the hottest and sexiest things ever."

7. Her taste is incredibly intimate.

"Every woman has a different taste — it's like the most intimate form of communication. A sensation that is unique and recognizable, yet entirely secret."


8. Perfume makes it obvious she's trying to cover up.

"Too perfumed or powdered definitely feels like something is being covered up. Naturally unpleasant is no good either unless there's a 'reason.' The oral sex process is involved and there's little way to fake it. An unpleasant vagina can really derail things."

9. Not to get clinical, but...

"I would say the normal taste is expected, and by some guys, welcomed (like me). But if your vagina smells or tastes weird, that is indicative of a problem, the kind of issue you might want to see a doctor about."

10. It tastes just like candy.

"Taste is very important. It must be like a candy taste. I guess that’s why girls are taking care of their vagina. I would compare it to French kissing, so it is very important to have a nice taste."


Aly Walansky is a freelance journalist with more than two decades of experience writing about food, travel, and sex, other lifestyles topics for sites like Today, Forbes, MSN and Business Insider.