There's Now A BOOZE-FILLED Advent Calendar For Adults Who Love X-Mas

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BYOB... every night of the remaining year.

For some, advent calendars are a tradition that makes the holiday truly come alive. Opening each of those little doors all the way up to the very day of the new year is as much Christmas as, well... Christmas is.

Chocolate is great, but there’s no doubt that the sweet advent calendar is much more suited to helping build the excitement and anticipation for children. But we grown-ups have to make everything a little racier, don't we?

Finally, someone said, “Let’s make an advent calendar — but for adults,” and wouldn’t you know it? Someone listened. Specifically, the guys with all the booze listened.

Now, thanks to the people over at Master of Malt, you can have an advent calendar that’s just for grown-ups, a boozy treat that will fill you with every bit of the holiday warmth and happiness, and the eventual hangover you’ll need to make it through the bevy of those oh-so-special days your in-laws will be in town, at your house, cluttering up the place.

Yes, you can now have a whiskey advent calendar, and it is every bit as glorious as it sounds.

This spirit-filled collection of holiday cheer comes daily by the dram, and the great thing is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been good or bad this year.

Really, we should all just go ahead and pick some of these up so that we can bribe Santa to forget our woeful misgivings and give us the good stuff. Besides, I’m sure that jolly old dude is probably sick to death of cookies and milk for the trillionth time this millennia.

Is whiskey not your thing? Well, don’t worry about it, because the liquor elves have you covered for that, too!

There is a wonderful spread of the finest alcoholic advent calendars so that no matter what you’re craving, you can find it here. So just what do they offer? Well...

You know there’s vodka, and bourbon, rum, absinthe, and whiskey; cognac, tequila, or gin for your Rickey! But don’t you forget to recall, the most important reminder of all:

The alcoholic advent calendar can be purchased from the website here, and if you and your spouse both get one, you’ll have some awesome nights of cheer.

You can choose from lots of liquors, down them every night with glee! Surely, this boozy calendar will help you get to New Years' Eve!