10 Ways To Be TRULY Authentic, According To A Psychologist

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You're always true to yourself.

Is anyone authentic — truly authentic — these days? People are always caught up in the crowd, having this overwhelming need to blend in and belong that they lose sight of anything else around them.

In an article for Entrepreneur, psychologist Sherrie Campbell believes that the stand-out successes are not in the crowd and are not out "chasing cash or being cool."

"It doesn’t mean they don’t love nice things or indulge in them; it means they approach success from a different mindset," she says.

She shares the following 10 qualities of a real, authentic person:

1. You're self-reflective.

"To be authentic, unique, and individual you have to know who and what you are, which comes through self-reflection," says Campbell.

Authentic people are not concerned about how other people view them. They don't follow what everyone else is doing purely for the sake of belonging. Instead, they are confident and comfortable in who they already are as a person.

2. You have a healthy ego.

Everyone has an ego, but when you're authentic, you have a healthy ego, the right kind of high self-esteem and confidence, as well as empathy in order to become a great leader.

3. You're focused on many possibilities.

When you are an authentic person, you don't focus on just yourself, how something affects you, and how to get something right now. You're already aware that not all battles can be won.

"The focus for you is always long-term and on what possibilities patience and hard work will garner when you continue pressing forward," says Campbell.

4. They have good character.

This means not saying things you don't mean, not making promises you know you can't keep, and always keeping your word. You also know when to be serious and when it's OK to laugh at yourself.

5. You're a visionary.

To be a visionary, you have to be connected to yourself and be more innovative.

"Self-development is a pinnacle in your life and you insist others delve into themselves in the same way in order to rise above the pack," says Campbell.

6. You're a good listener.

When you're authentic, you don't see other people's thoughts and opinions as threats to your own. Instead, you listen with an open mind and prepare to change your opinion if something makes sense.

"When you are dedicated to the whole truth in any given moment, you live life in touch with your deepest and most profound inner parts, allowing you to be the full expression of who you are," Campbell says.

7. You're transparent.

You are confident in yourself, therefore, you can own up to your mistakes. You know that you're not perfect, so you are open to criticism, especially if it means making yourself better.

8. You're open and consistent.

Authentic people are not judgmental and have respect for those who do not share their opinion. This is because they don't feel the need to be superior over someone or to make someone like them in order to feel good about themselves.

"You are consistent in who you are,and have no need to satisfy someone else’s criteria to feel good about yourself," says Campbell.

9. You're team-oriented.

You easily adjust when working with others.

"You build successful teams and give credit where it is due, sharing your success and achievements with your entire team," says Campbell.

10. You draw upon experience. 

Authentic people learn from the past and past mistakes. They don't let it define them, but they learn from them.

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