Amal Clooney Is A HERO For Risking Her Own Life To Save Women

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Beauty, brains AND integrity.

Some politicians like Donald Trump talk a big game about destroying ISIS, but it's people like Amal Clooney who are actually doing the hard work needed to dismantle a network of terror, and bring justice to the survivors of the genocide that Isis has perpetrated. 

You might not know about the Yazidi people of Iraq, but this a community that has been driven from their homes because of ongoing genocide at the hands of ISIS. Many of the surviving members of the Yazidi people are currently living in refugee camps in Greece. More than 5,000 Yazidis have been killed and more than 3,000 are still being held prisoner, according to an inquest conducted by the United Nations. 

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Why does ISIS want Yazidi dead? Because of their religion and how it is isn't acceptable in the eyes of ISIS and its leaders. But it's also just part of their reign of terror. They want people to be afraid, and to make a big show of how they will kill anyone in their way.

Amal Clooney became involved in defending the Yazidi and seeking out justice for them when she met 23 year-old Nadia Murad who survived three months of being held captive by ISIS where she was subjected to rape and other violence. Clooney and Murad are working together to collect eye witness accounts and to gain evidence of the mass graves where they dumped their victims.

The United Nations has already agreed that what ISIS has done is genocide, now it's Clooney's mission to get this case before the International Criminal Court and prosecute those involved for their evils. 

While others might shake their fists at the heavens and talk about simply blowing ISIS and its members sky high, Amal Clooney knows that it's more complicated than that. "You can't kill an idea," she says succinctly.

(Cue me falling to the floor and pleading "we're not worthy!" at my computer monitor where her interview is playing. I mean, seriously, she couldn't be more amazing.)

Remember back in the day where George Clooney was the guy with the caesar cut on ER who owned a pet pot-bellied pig and loved practical jokes and vacant blondes? I bet you cash money that he does the same bowing and scraping that I just finished up doing whenever he has the good fortune to be around the Oxford-educated legal dynamo who decided to grace the man by taking on his last name. 

Amal Clooney is quick to assure reporters, however, that her actor husband is also an activist and that he has been involved in this crusade as well. "He met Nadia, too, and I think he was moved for the same reason," she said. "He understood I have spent my career working on international justice and this is a clear case of genocide and genocide that's gone completely unaddressed and ignored."


Can I tell you just how absolutely refreshing and inspiring it is to go to Facebook and see headlines about inspiring activists? There is still so much work left to be done and so much danger too, but the work Amal Clooney is doing isn't just important, it is literally vital.