8 Ways Rebecca From 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Is ALL of us!

Photo: WashingtonPost
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Because we ALL have musical numbers in our head, right? No? Just me? That's cool!

I’m not a huge TV watcher. The only show I actually make time for is Game of Thrones because I’m still waiting for Gendry to finish rowing his boat.

However, I kept hearing all these amazing things about a CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. At first, I was hesitant.

It’s an hour-long show, it’s a commitment, and what if I liked it and then it was canceled? ALL THAT TIME WASTED!


Lucky for me, and lucky for its millions of fans, it’s been renewed because it’s fan-freakin-tastic.

I binged the show on Netflix and was done within a week. That either makes me a super fan or a really lame person with no life; I’m good with either. 

If you don’t know the premise of the show: Rebecca Bunch is a successful attorney living in NYC but she’s not truly happy.

After running into her ex-boyfriend Josh, from camp (when they were 16-ish), he tells her about his current location: West Covina, California.

Josh makes it sound so delightful, that she quits her job, leaves everything behind and moves. Of course, it’s not at ALL because her Josh is there (*wink wink*).

Here is the theme song which basically explains all you need to know to get started:

Yes, there are musical numbers throughout the show that are Broadway worthy, but it doesn't ruin the flow. If anything, it adds another layer to the show. It's LOL funny, emotional, and REAL. 

There were too many times I said, out loud, "OMG! That's totally me!" So without further ado, here are some of the more relatable moments in the show. And if you haven't watched it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

1. We've all tried sucking in the fat!


How many times have we been late to a meeting or get together because we spent way too much time in the mirror analyzing every roll of fat? And like Rebecca, we may have cried a little, too!

2. We all have that crazy, demanding, sometimes harsh mother figure.

It doesn't matter what part of that musical number you relate to, what matters is everyone has a relative that is identical to Rebecca's mom. And WHERE THE HELL IS THE BATHROOM?

3. When we're totally not into the guy who's sucking our neck.


OK! Sometimes we settle for the guy right now while we wait for (and crane our necks to find) Mr. Right.

4. And then there are times, we actually fall for our friend with benefits.

You're having fun with a guy friend, sleeping with him when it's convenient for both of you, no strings attached. THEN, something happens. You feel something more than an orgasm. It happens more than we think!

5. We all have those "mental health" days.


The new world we live in where tech rules makes it so easy to "work" from home. And by work, I mean catch up on Law and Order: SVU.

6. We all try to impress the guy we're crushing on.


There's a fine line between selling yourself as experienced and selling yourself as, well, a whore. But at least you're clean, right?

7. We will do ANYTHING to make people think we're good.

When we want someone to like us, sometimes we go to extremes to make them realize that. WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE, DAMN IT!

8. When you go out without makeup and see the one person you DON'T want to see.


Without fail, if you go out looking homeless, you're bound to see someone you wish to avoid, like a boss, a crush, or even that annoying family member!

So now, you've seen a sample of why this show is seriously the BEST. Go forth and watch!