Champagne Marshmallows Are The Boozy Adult Treat We All Deserve

Champagne Marshmallows Are The BOOZY Treat We All Deserve

Some sweet treats for adults only.

I have a confession: I have trouble remembering the proper spelling of marshmallows. For some reason, I always want to spell them marshmellows. I don't know why, but maybe somewhere in my brain, I think about how it's hard to be in a bad mood if marshmallows are involved. And if you are in a rotten mood, if you have s'mores or any kind of marshmallow treat, you mellow right out. 

No matter how you spell them, marshmallows are delicious and fun to eat. They first came into existence for medicinal purposes. Apparently, in ancient Eygpt, they would mix the root of the marshmallow plant (Althaea Officinalis) with honey to help with sore throats and coughs. 

It was the French who first came up with the idea to whip up the marshmallow sap and sweeten it to make a candy. This marshmallow confection was very popular but somewhat labor-intensive since they had to whip up the mallow plant's root to make it, and everything had to be done by hand.

Then in the late 19th century, marshmallow makers came up with the idea to use egg whites or gelatin combined with corn starch to create something closer to what we're familiar with today. Over time, marshmallows became a special treat with children; however, recently some marshmallow makers have upped their level of sophistication and marshmallows have gone full artisan and adult.

Marshmallows are still great for hot chocolate, marshmallow fluff sandwiches, and s'mores, it's just that they now have some decidedly adult flavorings such as beer, bourbon, and gin.

Photo: wondermade

Yes, some geniuses came up with the idea to make marshmallows with alcohol. Now you have the perfect hostess gift for almost any occasion, or when you just want to reward yourself.

Here are some especially creative marshmallows: wickedly decadent gold and champagne.

Photo: wondermade

According to the Wondermade website, these marshmallows are cooked with champagne and then hand-covered with 24-karat edible gold. The ingredients are cane sugar, water, champagne, kosher gelatin, confection sugar, 24-karat gold and cream of tartar.

Each bite is light as air and will make you feel as if you were royal from birth or just part of the Kardashian entourage. You can purchase a box of 16 gold-capped marshmallows for $24.

When you want something hot, spicy, and with a kick, there's also Fireball marshmallows.

Photo: wondermade

These marshmallows are made with Fireball cinnamon whiskey, cane sugar, kosher gelatin, confection sugar, and cream of tartar, and have a real kick to them. They're hot, spicy and sweet. You can buy a box of 16 for $7.95. These would certainly be an unique gift that would be a great conversation starter at any gathering.

When you need to visit Margaritaville, try Margarita marshmallows.

Photo: etsy

Who doesn't enjoy a delicious Margarita every now and then? These marshmallows are handmade and made to order, and are made from fresh lime juice, lime zest, confection sugar and good quality tequila. You can order them without tequila if so inclined. You can buy 16 marshmallows for $15. However, they'll only ship in the United States.

What a wonderful way to enjoy two delicious, boozy treats.