Donald Trump’s Divorce Records Could Go Public And Change EVERYTHING

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Donald Trump divorce

Could this be the end of Trump's Presidential campaign?

Presidential Republican nominee Donald J. Trump has been nothing but controversial since entering the race back in 2015. Even if you’re a fan, and a potential Trump voter, I think we can all agree that despite his promise of making America great again, he does tend to go a bit overboard with his speeches, right?

I’m non-partisan, so this isn’t me just bad mouthing Donald Trump; I have issues with Hillary Clinton, as well. However, one of the main points of contention with Trump has been his treatment of women. 

Now, one publisher has called for the records from Trump's divorce with Ivana Trump to be made public. Whether or not this could happen is beside the point, but publishing Gannett (The New York Times, USA Today) clearly believes there is some incriminating information in those records. 

And is it hard to believe? His treatment of women has not been so great.

Do you remember him calling out Fox commentator Megyn Kelly, saying “blood was coming out of her … wherever?” Whatever he actually meant to say, it doesn’t matter, it caused a huge political backlash.

Let’s talk about his daughter for a moment, too. Here is a video from a 2006 episode of ABC’s The View where Donald Trump jokes about dating his own eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump

Of course, we assume he’s joking, however it’s still wildly inappropriate to quip about having an incestuous relationship with your daughter.

What’s worse is that it appears she was expecting an outrageous response, and if that’s the case, I can’t imagine the comments she endures behind closed doors.

More recently, Donald Trump came to the defense of Roger Ailes who was accused of sexual harassment by Gretchen Carlson (and other women), calling him a “very, very good person.”

He added, “I can tell you that some of the woman that are complaining, I know how much he’s helped them.”

Which seems to mean that if a man helps you, he’s free and clear to sexually harass you. How is this okay?

This shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, as Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment himself, most recently by Jill Harth, a woman he worked with on one of his beauty pageants. According to Harth, she was engaged, but that didn’t stop Trump from trying; the sexual harassment lasted years until it ended with an assault, allegedly, at his Palm Beach estate.

It unfortunately doesn’t conclude with Harth. An anonymous woman filed a lawsuit against Trump in June, stating he sexually assaulted her in 1994, when she was just 13 years old

Trump’s track record with sexual harassment is littered with poorly worded phrases, back tracking on quotes, and lawsuits.

And now, the axe may finally come down on Trump. According to Gawker, Gannett has requested the records from his 1990 divorce from Ivana Trump to be released publicly.

His ex-wife, and Ivanka’s mother, Ivana Trump, once used the word “rape” when referring to an incident that happened between the married couple in 1989. She felt “violated” by his actions, but he dismissed her accusations. 

Even though she’s endorsed Trump for president, Ivana can’t change what’s on record, and according to those in the know, Trump employed his Fifth-amending right dozens of times.

If those records, that the Supreme Court has been asked to open, shows actual sexual harassment charges or claims, would you continue to support his presidential campaign? Or are you afraid that we may have a sexual predator as President?

As Donald would say, this could be HUGE!