It's Not Just Ozzy! 13 Celebs Who've Publicly Battled Sex Addiction

Ozzy Osbourne And 12 Other Celebs With Sex Addiction

Some are surprising. Others? Eh... not so much.

Earlier this week, Ozzy Osbourne made headlines when he announced he is undergoing treatment for sex addiction.

Sex addiction, like other addictions, is characterized by the “compulsive engagement in sexual activity… despite negative consequences.” A controversial disorder, it is not recognized as a true mental disorder and is often comorbid with other underlying health issues that play a part in driving the sufferer’s behavior.

Despite its controversial standing in the medical world, Ozzy Osbourne isn’t the first celebrity to reveal a struggle with sex addiction. Here are 13 celebs who’ve publicly struggled with the addiction:

1. Ozzy Osbourne
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After his affair with his hair stylist was exposed, Osbourne claimed that he’s been dealing with a sex addiction for the last 6 years. He even moved out of his home earlier this year, though in a segment on her show The Talk, Ozzy’s wife Sharon revealed that she’s “proud” of him for admitting his addiction. They are currently rumored to be back together. 

2. Tiger Woods
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In 2009, news broke that the professional golfer had been having an affair with nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel. He subsequently apologized for this and other affairs, and took a hiatus from golf to enter rehab for sex addiction. He and his wife, divorced in 2010 after 6 years of marriage.

3. Charlie Sheen
Photo: today

In 2015, the controversial, HIV-positive actor admitted to Dr. Oz that, though he doesn’t know the exact definition of the disorder, he believes he could be a sex addict. Married (and divorced) three times, Sheen has made headlines for his erratic behavior and has been in and out of rehab for years. 

4. Amber Smith
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The actress and former model appeared on Celebrity Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew in 2009.  

5. David Duchovny
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After his wife threatened him with divorce, the X Files actor entered rehab for sex addiction in 2008. While Duchovny claims he never cheated on his wife, they divorced in 2014.

6. Jesse James
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After four women claimed to have had affairs with Sandra Bullock’s ex, James entered rehab for sex addiction in 2010. Despite his effort to get past these issues, James and Bullock divorced later that year.

7. Russell Brand
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In his autobiography, the comedian and Katy Perry’s ex-husband revealed his 2005 rehab stint. He claims that sex was “recreational” for him, and offered him “status and validation.” 

8.Kanye West
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Narcissism isn’t Yeezus’ only disorder. In a 2009 Details feature, Kanye west claimed that he recognized his sex addiction at a young age, but that he’s focused his impulses into something positive: his music.

9. Rob Lowe
Photo: r8lst

In 1989, a sex tape surfaced showing the actor (and close friend of Charlie Sheen) and two girls, one who was only 16. He later entered rehab for alcohol and sex addiction and married Sheryl Berkoff in July 1991.

10. Kari Ann Peniche
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In 2004, Peniche was stripped of her Miss United States Teen crown for appearing in Playboy. Like Amber Smith, the former beauty queen also appeared on Celebrity Sex Rehab

11. Michael Douglas
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After his wife accused him of infidelity, Douglas entered rehab in 1992 for alleged sex addiction (which he denies).

12. Dean McDermott
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McDermott’s struggle with sex addiction was highly publicized after he cheated on his wife, Tori Spelling, which he revealed in their reality show True Tori. He voluntarily checked into rehab in 2013.

13. Eric Benét
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The singer-songwriter and former husband of Halle Berry checked into rehab for sex addiction in 2002 after admitting to a string of affairs. After their divorce, Benét went on to say that he actually isn’t as sex addict, and only checked into rehab in an attempt to save his marriage.