If Hillary Were Your Daughter, You’d BRAG — Not Bash

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Hillary Clinton

She's doing a DAMN good job up there.

For those of you that may have been living under a rock, or are just in denial (sorry Bernie supporters), Hillary Clinton made headline news and history on July 28th when she accepted the Democratic party’s presidential nomination as the first woman ever to lead a major US party.

Times sure have changed ... I bet our Founding Fathers never saw this one coming. It really is quite a feat, considering women only got the right to vote in this country in 1920.

But I’m not here to give you a history lesson, convince you (especially the ladies) why you should utilize your right to vote, or to talk about politics. I’m here to discuss an important issue that has gotten WAY too much media time in recent news.

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I was watching comedian John Oliver's show, Last Week Tonight, with my family the other night. In the show, he reviews the past week in news, politics and current events with the kind of sarcastic flare that only a Brit can.

It’s worth noting that I genuinely like John Oliver and that what I’m about to mention is not an attack on him or his writers.

Most comedians these days are funny and gain popularity because they like to discuss topics that are taboo. They keep their material raw and honest. John Oliver is one of those comedians. He has a refreshingly honest-yet-hilarious point of view and is able to make jokes that simplify topics in ways that (mostly) everyone can understand.

He makes jokes out of serious matters because the only way to get through tough times (like now) is with a little humor. 

Honestly, the kinds of jokes that NEED to be made. Mostly.

The other night, though, was one of those times I found myself thinking, “did he really have to make that joke?”

His joke was about what Hillary Clinton wore (see image below) when she gave her speech at the DNC.


“On the night of her historic nomination, she stood before the nation in full Pitbull cosplay,” quipped Oliver. 

I admit I laughed at first, but shortly after, I realized that he just made a joke about WHAT SHE WAS WEARING. This was seriously how he chose to introduce her into the segment? As if what she wore to the event was what was REALLY important or what everyone should remember about her speech at the DNC?!?

Yes, above all else THIS should be highlighted on her historic night (that's sarcasm if you didn't catch my drift).

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only woman who has been criticized for her clothing choices when something WAY more important was going on. Flashback to when First Lady Michelle Obama chose to use HER RIGHT to "bare arms" in her first official photo as first lady. Some people just about lost their shit over it. Calling the photo, “too informal” and “out of season” (it was winter at the time).

OH I SEE. All this time I’ve been focused on the WRONG qualifications. HOW STUPID OF ME. Because yes of course, being a fashionista belongs in the top 3 things that make a GREAT president.


If you’re not pissed, you damn well should be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or man. It’s ridiculous all the same. Everyone deserves a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Why is it that Hillary Clinton can’t give one goddamn speech without someone commenting on her clothes or how she needs to smile more? What message — what legacy — are we leaving for our children? (You’re damn right I’m bringing them into this)

You should be ASHAMED of yourself if you’re one of those people that have made comments on her clothes or asked why she doesn’t smile more.


The more we talk about and focus on those things, the farther away we get from the issues that really matter and need our attention more than ever.


There are more important things in life to be worried about — like who is TRULY qualified to be the next President of the United States. Isn’t it about time that some of us come to terms with reality?! It’s 2016 people, come on!

It’s time to once and for all change the way woman are viewed in society. Women have no ONE place they belong. They are capable of doing amazing things — just like men are. 

And, for the record, Hillary wore white that at the DNC because it is the color of the National Woman's Party and the suffragist movement. 

If Hillary were your daughter, wouldn't you be proud of how far she's made it and how much she has accomplished? Thought so.