The #1 Reason He'll Break Up With You, According To His Zodiac Sign

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The reasons people leave according to their Zodiac signs.

There are so many things we leave: a job, our church, a homeland, and even a relationship. Although leaving a relationship can be painful, it's quite often necessary. If you stay in a relationship that isn't working it can become toxic.

Leaving as an action has always been troubling to me. When I was little our friends used to drive up from Los Angeles to our house in San Jose. No matter when they would leave to get back home, I would get up. It didn't matter if it was 5 AM — I didn't care. I couldn't stand it when someone left and I didn't know it. Waking up to find someone has left you is the worst feeling in the world.

Much of leaving has to do with change. We leave our jobs for bigger opportunities, and we leave relationships in hopes of a better relationship or in the realization that we need to be comfortable with ourselves before we can commit to another person.

We grow when we leave something or someone; like a snake shedding its skin, we're changed and sometimes reborn.

But leaving isn't always negative. You may leave a relationship because something better is on the horizon, like leaving your high school boyfriend or girlfriend for college. Yes, it's bittersweet, but ultimately it's in everyone's best interest.

However, if you're always the person leaving — and most of the time it's because you're so scared about being left that you do a premature leaving — that's not good. You may need to reevaluate your reasons for moving on. Is the relationship bad or not fulfilling, or are you merely looking for a reason to leave and leaving will actually affect you in adverse ways?

As always, our zodiac signs have something to do with the reasons we leave. Since all the signs have certain behaviors and characteristics that apply specifically to them, it makes sense that our signs would influence the reasons why we tend to leave or initiate a breakup.

Aries impulsively leave.

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I wish I could tell you that when you leave the love of your life, it will be for a more suitable person and a better relationship. But unfortunately, Aries will follow their most impulsive instinct (and let's be honest, you have quite a few of those) for someone more suited to be a booty call than a boo.

You'll be swept away from the romance of it all that you won't even think about any of the consequences. Good for you and your spontaneity, but bad that you're going to let real love slip out of your grasp.

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Taurus leave in a jealous rage.

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Taurus people make fantastic partners... most of the time. They're usually amazing in bed, are very sensual, strong, and incredible cooks. But if they get jealous, watch out; they'll go from zero to 100 while in the midst of a jealous rage.

You can't reason with them; they won't listen and they'll just get angrier and angrier until they stomp out of the relationship. Luckily, they're pretty smart and will eventually come to their senses, realize they ruined a good thing, and will come back. The makeup sex will be spectacular, which helps get them back into their loved one's life.

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Gemini's fear of commitment causes them to leave.

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For a Gemini, there's nothing scarier than being in a relationship with their perfect person. They're terrified that they're going to do something to mess it up, so they may as well cut their losses and leave before things get bad. It's not that they don't have the necessary qualities to make a relationship great; they do, but they seem blind to them.

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Cancers don't leave.

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Although Cancers don't leave, their neediness and tendency to smother their partner with affection will cause their partners to leave, because they just can't take it anymore. Cancers need for constant validation can get old fast, as does their bottomless pit of need.

Cancer, you're pretty great, and like anyone you deserve love. Just believe it and maybe you won't keep getting left behind.

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Leos leave because they're not satisfied.

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Have you ever been in a conversation with someone at a party and you could tell that, as they were talking to you, they were scanning the crowd for someone more important or more famous to talk to? In other words, they were looking for a bigger name. Well sometimes, that's how Leo is in a relationship.

They're happy and love their partner, but their inner voice is telling them that they could do better. Leos know that they're spectacular humans and they want someone just as amazing as they are. The trouble is, there are times they are so caught up in searching for someone better that they don't appreciate already having someone pretty spectacular. Leos need to recognize what they have or they'll ultimately end up alone.

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Virgo's perfectionism drives their loved one away.

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Virgos have ridiculous standards — nothing can be out of place. Anal retentive much? Oh yes, and that's not easily to live with. Even if you have similar standards of perfection, the other person still isn't as rigid as you are or in the same ways.

Also, people need to feel comfortable in their own homes, so if you go apesh*t when there's a crumb on the floor or someone sits on your white couch, you're going to end up alone.

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Libra leave if they feel used.

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Libras love being in love and will ignore most red flags, unless they find out that you're using them. It doesn't matter if your reasons for using them are fairly innocent, like to get over a recent heartbreak — it will not fly with a Libra.

If they think you're using them, it will translate to not respecting or caring about them at all and they'll be majorly wounded. They won't even give you time to explain (they hate those kinds of conversations anyway), they'll just be gone.

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Scorpios leave those who betray them.

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Did you think I was going to say that Scorpios will leave after cheating on their significant other? Well, Scorpios are definitely a sexual sign, but they're also very passionate and tend to be very loyal. In fact, loyalty and faithfulness are extremely important to Scorpios, so if they find out their partner has betrayed them, then it's over.

Why? Because not only has that person been unfaithful, but they probably lied to cover it up, and Scorpios can't stand liars. If you betray a Scorpio, game over.

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Sagittarius leave because that's what they do.

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Sagittarius are all about change — they can't stand being tied down. They may try to settle down with a partner, but if their significant other doesn't have the same wanderlust as they do, the Sagittarius will start to feel stifled and will leave for their own sanity. It's not that they won't come back — they will; it's just that staying in the same place for all their lives isn't very appealing to them.

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Capricorns leave when criticized.

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It's OK for a Capricorn to give suggestions on ways their partner can improve or do things better, but if their bae dares to critique them, that simply doesn't fly. The Capricorn's ego is much more delicate than you'd expect for someone so solid, independent and capable, and they don't like feeling like their faults are being pointed out. Compliments and affirmations go over much better with a Capricorn.

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Aquarius leaves to go back to their ex.

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It takes a lot for an Aquarius to fall in love, but when they do it's for keeps. If they're in a relationship with their Mr. or Ms. Right and that person turns out to be toxic or leaves the Aquarius for someone else, the Aquarius will never fully get over them.

If the ex comes back into the picture for any reason and wants the Aquarius back, it's likely that the Aquarius will go, even if the person they're with is so much better than the toxic ex. Oh well, if there weren't people like Aquarians who have so much trouble getting over an ex, we wouldn't have any storylines for daytime dramas. 

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Pisces leave people who are too close-minded.

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Pisces have vivid imaginations, and are artistic and loving. If a Pisces is with someone too rigid or close-minded, they'll try to make it work. But once it becomes clear that their relationship is doomed, the Pisces will leave — probably in the kindest way possible, but they'll leave.

They know you can't force someone to become brighter and more creative, and that it's best to move on. However, it doesn't mean that Pisces won't stay friends or not care about their former partner; they will. Pisces believe that, like people, relationships can change for the better.

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