Men Who Have Beards Are More Likely To Cheat On You, Says Study

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Men Who Have Beards Are More Likely To Cheat, Says Survey

Trends change every few decades or so, and it appears that a recent trend is slowly starting to waver. In the last several years, beards on men have been "in". Countless, everyday men and male celebrities have boarded the beard train, or at least sport some type of facial hair.

There were different tips and styles to choose from, and it appeared to be the best trend to happen to men, especially those who found shaving to be a grueling chore.

However, one survey found that beards, just like most trends, are going out of style soon... and not just because bearded men realized the importance of shaving. 

The new video social network, eva, commissioned research to find out whether there is a link between facial hair and bad habits such as fighting, stealing, and cheating. Researchers also surveyed women with their preference between bearded men or clean-shaven men.

Censuswide conducted a nation-wide survey of the U.K. population and the results were interesting.

“We commissioned this research to drive awareness of what the general population thinks of the humble beard, and the survey yielded fantastic insight into people's opinions on this quite divisive topic!" says this eva blog post

But before we go into the logistics of the research, remember that correlation does not mean causation. There may be other outside factors involved in the results of the study. 

The survey found that 45 percent of men with goatees confessed to enjoying fist fights, and another 40 percent admitted to have stolen something (is it a macho man thing or what?). Fourty-seven percent of long-mustachioed men confessed to cheating on their significant others (are the mustaches really that irresistible?). Furthermore, 43 percent admitted to having been fired before.

Meanwhile, only 29 percent of clean-shaven men admitted to enjoying fist fights, and only 17 percent confessed to cheating.

In addition, as much as we like to believe that there is something attractive and sexually appealing about facial hair, it turns out that they don't really light the fires of desire in the majority of women in the U.K. When asked if they think beards looked good on men, a whooping 65 percent said "no." Half proclaimed that they would never be romantically involved with a guy with a beard.

To add fuel to the fire, between a gray-haired man and a bearded man, 35 percent of women responded that they'd rather date the gray-haired man. Even more, 44 percent found beards unclean, and 39 percent had a fear of food getting stuck in them.

So, when it comes to dating preferences, 62 percent prefer their men clean-shaven as opposed to bearded.

Well, it was good while it lasted, but like everything else, it's time to trim this trend and start over with a clean slate.

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