5 Fashion Trends Men And Women Secretly Hate On Each Other

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Do you reveal a lot of cleavage? Layer on the cubic zirconia? Wear fake eyelashes on a regular basis? If so, we have some bad news for you. A male blogger for Marie Claire probably doesn't want to date you. And whether it's Paris Fashion Week or just a night on the town, what you wear matters.

Rich Santos posted the fashion trends women wear that men honestly just can't stand. And we're revealing them here as PSA. Stay away from doing these things.

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Here are five fashion trends women and men hate on each other:

1. Wearing too much makeup

"When a girl does her makeup well, the results can be magical. But the one thing that should never happen is an excessive application such as too much, too many colors, or even a botched attempt at a good makeup technique."

2. Having offensive amounts of cleavage

"Cleavage is most effective when there's a little hint of it and we are left to imagine what else is there. Excessive cleavage takes the focus off of the things about you that matter more like your face, what you actually have to say, etc."

3. Putting off an "over-sexed" vibe

"I'm immediately struck with intimidation; the same kind I get around strippers." It's kind of nice to know we can intimidate with our beauty! Well, our short skirts. But it's not nice to know that our platform stilettos make Santos "worry about who else she has slept with." Ouch.

4. Trying to copy a celebrity

"When a girl goes out and gets the same haircut as her favorite celebrity, and even dresses like that celebrity on top of it, it's pretty obvious."

5. Going overboard with gaudy accessorization

"I know it's nice to have some bling and giant rocks, but it will really make me think I can't afford you."

Hmm... if a woman's sporting expensive stuff it probably means either she has a lot of money and buys it herself or she's expecting you to buy stuff for her, in which case if you can't afford her, she doesn't want to date you. Or, she's just trying to look nice and isn't thinking about how much her outfit cost — there's always that. Thanks for that, Rich.

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On that note, here are five male fashion and grooming choices that turn women off.

1. A shirt unbuttoned so that a little hair sticks out

You might as well rub Velveeta all over your chest because that cheese is stinky.

2. Ragged, dirty fingernails

We understand the nail-biting compulsion. But if your nails are dirty and bitten, we have a hard time getting excited about you having your hands all over us.

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3. Greasy hair

Even though you might not have as much as us — or much at all — it's still important to keep your locks clean. That way we can run our fingers through them or give you a nice scalp rub without worrying about grimy fingertips. Plus, greasy hair tends to smell.

4. Slick, rock-hard hair

Yes, we like firmness, but not on your scalp. Again, the running our hands through your hair thing — we want to do it without impediments.

5. Muscle shirts

Relax, we don't need to see your muscles just yet. Nothing says narcissism like a nice, tight muscle shirt. Let us discover your manly physique when we remove your shirt.

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