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Woman Praised For Making Boyfriend Buy Her A Nose Job After Catching Him Cheating

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Nose job

Let’s be honest: we’ve all drafted revenge plots against cheating partners, whether it be posting text messages online to expose them or setting their clothes on fire.

Or you could even give them an ultimatum, especially if they are begging to win you over again. 

One woman on TikTok did exactly that. In a video that now received over 2 million views, she reveals the plan she hatched to find a way to benefit from her heartbreak.

She made her boyfriend pay for her nose job after he was caught cheating on her. 

The woman shared her story after reacting to another TikTok user who posted a video with the text, “when you catch him cheating and he asks ‘what can I do to fix this.”

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“I legit think my for you page is playing with me, cause I did this,” the woman began her video. 

She explains that she got cheated on by a man who is now her ex and, when he tried to make it up to her, she revealed she wanted him to pay for her rhinoplasty.

“I told the guy that I would continue to see him, but he would have to pay for my nose job,” she shared. The woman shared that her boyfriend provoked insecurities in her and she really wanted to have the procedure done.

She also claims that she “didn’t want her time to be wasted” over the fact that he may cheat again.

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The woman included a photo of herself shortly after the nose job with fresh bandages on for proof that she did indeed go through with her plan. 

TikTok users praised the woman in the comments.

“Girl that is so smart,” one user wrote. “Slay queen,” another user commented. 

Others shared their own stories of what they made their cheating partners do to make it up to them. “Lmaoooo I did the same thing I told him he owes me $2000 for [the] collateral damage he caused me,” one user shared.

“Got a full trip to the islands. Wish I would’ve thought of cosmetic surgery,” another wrote. 

Unfortunately, the woman claimed her boyfriend cheated on her again after the procedure. However, she is maintaining a positive attitude about the outcome of her cosmetic surgery.

“Was it worth it? Yeah, it was,” she confirmed. 

Additionally, she revealed that she made her boyfriend pay her for all of the trips he tagged along on with her family — even if her parents were the ones who paying for the trip. 

But users suggested she should have charged him double for cheating multiple times!

This woman’s method is one way to take a painful situation and turn it into an opportunity for yourself! 

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