Tampon Flasks EXIST, So You Can Fill 'Em Up With Booze, Not Blood

Photo: Amazon
alcohol tampons

Don't stick them up your vagina, though.

Buying drinks can get very expensive, especially if you're at a club. And what if (gasp) you're somewhere where they don't even serve alcohol? What do you do then?

Don't panic! Smuggle Your Booze has the answer with their Tampon Flasks. Yes, you read that right. Tampon flasks may look like ordinary tampons but they're hiding liquid gold.

Picture yourself at a club and the guy at the door is going through your purse looking for contraband. Well, that guy isn't going to look twice at some tampons; if anything, he's going to try and have as little contact with them as possible.

Men hate anything having to do with menstruation. The doorman will wave you right in and you'll be to  get the party started without having to wait at the bar. These tampon flasks are time-savers.

Remember how your dad and mom used to keep the front door key in a fake plastic rock on the front porch, or how they kepy the rainy day fund in a fake can of Pringles? Well, that's the same kind of thinking behind the tampon flask: make it look like something you'd never expect booze to be in.

The tampon flask is very easy to use. First, you pour your alcohol of choice into the flask.

Use a funnel to help prevent spillage, and it's probably a good idea to fill the flasks before you start drinking or things could get messy fast. You don't want to waste your booze overfilling the tube. Then, you put the tube of alcohol into the tampon wrapper and you're good to go.

Fill and wrap them and you're ready for any concert, festival, beach, picnic, fair or sporting event! 

Are these flasks as elegant and cool as the vintage ones you can get? No, these flasks aren't about style — they're about smuggling in that lemon vodka or tequila that you're so thirsty for.

Smuggle your Booze has a whole range of flasks, from flask hairbrushes to flask hand creme, so your guy won't need to drink any of your tampons. And the hairbrush flask is pretty genius.

All photos: Amazon/Smuggle Your Booze

You can purchase Smuggle Your Booze products on their website or on Amazon.  

These flasks make great gifts, for those who enjoy alcohol or even those who don't. It's always fun to think you're getting away with something, even if your tampon flask is simply holding water.

Here's a fun video that shows how much fun a Smuggle Your Booze product can be.