Orlando Shooter Reportedly Frequented Pulse And Used Gay Dating App

Photo: Twitter
Omar Mateen

Omar Mateen murdered 49 people resulting in the deadliest mass shooting in the United States.

Omar Mateen opened fired in the gay nightclub Pulse and killed at least 49 people resulting in the deadliest mass shooting in the United States. Many have tied his motivations to terrorism because of he pledged his allegiance to the leader of ISIS over his alleged 911 call.

However the location of the hate crime might not have been random to the shooter. According to The Canada Press, he reportedly frequented the establishment and was even on a gay dating app.

"He's been going to this bar for at least three years," Chris Callen, who performs drag as Kristina McLaughlin, told The Cananda Press.

There have been reports that Mateen was set off by seeing two men kissing, but Ty Smith, another performer and spouse of Callen, claims this can't be true.

"That's bullcrap, right there. No offense. That's straight-up crap. He's been around us." He then continued, "Some of those people did a little more than (kiss) outside the bar... He was partying with the people who supposedly drove him to do this?"

Smith claims Mateen would come to the bar with a friend and get really drunk. However, not everyone was willing to part with him after he showed his anger streak.

"He ended up pulling a knife," said Callen after someone made a joke about religion. After that people would steer clear of him. The shooter was also reportedly using Jack'd, a gay dating app.

According to ABC News, a man named Kevin West was contacted three months ago on the app by the shooter. 

"When he first contacted me, he was saying things like, What clubs are popping and things of that sort, what are good places to go? And I remember telling him, 'Oh, you can just look it up online because I don't go out that much.'"

West met with FBI agents and showed him the messages between him and Mateen.