75 Memorable & Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend

Making a list of crazy things to do with your best friend is essential for your friendship.

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When you have a best friend in life, the two of you go through significant milestones together — but other times, you might miss out on parts of their life that you wish you could be there for.

That's why, as besties, you should start a "friend bucket list" early on to come up with a list of crazy things to do with your best friend. 

If you and your best friend have missed out on things together for a while then it's time to switch things up and start thinking of new things to do together like going on a girls' trip, camping, and traveling across the world together. 


It might not even have crossed your mind to do this but after the two of you start crossing things to do off the list it will be hard to stop.

Take time in your life to appreciate your best friend. And if you get bored one night with her, why not start your own friendship to-do list? 

Dedicate the time that you are with them to coming up with crazy things to do with friends and completing those things together. Do what you have always wanted to do together but just never had the time to do.

The list doesn't need to be too crazy (stay safe!), but it's always good to get out of your comfort zone a bit.


If you need some ideas to put on your own list, we've got you covered. 

Here are 75 crazy things to do with your best friend.

1. Binge-watch a TV series.

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2. Give each other a makeover.

3. Volunteer together.

4. Bake something together.

5. Devise the ultimate best friend handshake.

5. Explore a new city together.

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6. Do each other's hair (style it or color it).

7. Sing together on karaoke night.

8. Play the ultimate game of Truth or Dare.

9. Skype and Facetime people together.

10. Go on a shopping spree.

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11. Go to the zoo.

12. Go to a concert together.

13. Buy (or make) friendship bracelets.

14. Complete some arts and crafts together.

15. Be roommates with each other.

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16. Play an epic game of Mario Kart.

17. Make a music video.

18. Go mini-golfing.

19. Go on a beach trip. 

20. Go to paint and wine night.

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21. Plan a big party together.

22. Go to a theme park together.

23. Have a fashion show while cleaning out your closets.

24. Have a mall scavenger hunt.

25. Get mani-pedis.

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26. Have a photoshoot, Serena and Blair style.

27. Pull pranks together.

28. Get your hair dip-dyed. 

29. Prank call people together.

30. Get matching tattoos.

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31. Make art together.

32. Go on a hiking trip together.

33. Go on a bike ride.

34. Set up a blind date for one another.

35. Go on a girls-only trip.

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36. Draw pictures in the dark and see how they turn out. 

37. Take a cooking class together.

38. Go on the hunt for the perfect brunch spot.

39. Take BFF selfies together to post on social media.

40. Bake cupcakes together and watch "The Great British Baking Show."

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41. Have the ultimate girls' night in.

42. Write each other letters to your future selves.

43. Throw a dinner party together.

44. Pull the craziest all-nighter in Vegas.

45. Drink Rosé together.

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46. Stalk your exes on social media together.

47. Go to a bonfire together.

48. Go on a double date.

49. Help each other with a bedroom makeover.

50. Treat yourselves to a spa day.

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51. Help each other wax the tough parts. 

52. Split a bottle of alcohol together.

53. Have an entire conversation in public in a different accent. 

54. See a psychic together.

55. Go on a camping trip.

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56. Go to a tarot reading session together.

57. Host a board game night together.

58. Join or start a book club together.

59. Start a scrapbook together.

60. Ride a rollercoaster together.

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61. Create each other's signature cocktail.

62. Have a pajama day.

63. Go bowling together. 

64. Try something new that each of you has been scared to do. 

65. Go on an adult trip to Disney World.

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66. Turn your house or apartment into an art studio for the day. 

67. Go to a drive-in movie.

68. Go on a road trip.

69. Make your own lunches and go on a cute evening picnic.

70. Be each other's Maid of Honor at your weddings.

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71. Make vision boards together.

72. Crash a party together. 

73. Run a race together.

74. Go to a music festival.

75. Travel the world for two weeks. 

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