50 Fun Sleepover Ideas You’ll Enjoy No Matter Your Age

If you're looking for things to do at a sleepover, we got you!

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After a year of unprecedented times and social distancing yourself, it might be hard to remember what it's like to get a bunch of friends together at your house — that's where these fun sleepover ideas come in handy!

Slumber parties aren't just for kids. There's nothing like spending the night with friends no matter how old you are.

If you're looking for ways to stay entertained the whole night, here are 50 sleepover ideas for your slumber party.

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1. Alphabet movie marathon

To successfully do an alphabet movie marathon, start at the letter 'A' and the first movie you watch has to start with that letter. You continue on with every letter until you fall asleep or reach the letter 'Z'.

For this movie marathon, decide between friends to randomize genres for added fun. 

2. Projector movie night

Don't forget your bug spray if you decide to do this outside, or risk many mosquito bites!

This is a great way to watch scary movies. 

If the sleepover is for young kids substitute out a scary movie for an old Halloween movie.

3. Make dance routines

Many young adults revealed on TikTok recently that they still make up dance routines and dance to them with their friends.


This can be a great laugh and even a funny video to share later.

4. Build a fort

You can make a fort in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and even a furnished basement. 

These places can be a nice place to watch movies or to even catch up with friends away from prying eyes.

5. Try a YouTube workout

There's nothing funnier than working out with your best friends. This can make it hard to get a serious workout in, which is why if you work out together it can be full of laughs!

Looking over to your best friend as you are struggling to hold a plank with YouTubers like Emi Wong can be the funniest sight.

6. Glow in the dark painting

Turn off the lights and turn on your favorite music, it's time to get creative.


This is good for all ages and you can even send small children home to mom with their own artwork.

7. Karaoke night

Often, the sillier and worse you sing, the funnier it is. 

This is a way to show off your knowledge of songs and show biz skills.

Better watch out Beyonce, we've got entertainers over here.

8. Catch lightning bugs (or fireflies)

Dare I say it, this is more of an old-school slumber party idea. 

This is good for all ages. Even adult. 

Who doesn't want to feel young and carefree again?

9. Stargazing

While you are already outside chasing lightning bugs, take a long look up at the stars. 

See if you can find different constellations.

10. Themed pajamas

No matter the age, this makes a cute memory and photo. 


Some party themes you can do are Disney, Cowboys, and Plain White Tees. The sillier the better.

11. Uno

Uno is a classic. You can't go wrong with this game. 

To add a little spice, play it like the iMessage game Crazy 8s. If someone lays down a Draw 4 or a Plus 2 and the next turn also has the same card to play and it continues until no one can add on. This once ended with myself drawing 16 cards. Beware. 

12. Homemade face masks

No need to go out and buy a few sheet masks for your sleepover. You can probably make a face mask with ingredients you have at home. 

My favorite is a calm oat and honey with a few slices of avocado blended that I chill before using. 


The one I use is edible too and would be okay if a young child decided to try to eat it.

13. Messy Twister

Grab your paints and take your Twister mat out to the grass. This is a fun way to get messy and is full of laughs.

14. Recreate your favorite TikToks

There are so many sounds to choose from and you can even act them out.

15. Have a popcorn bar

I recommend adding chips, chocolate, and gummies so guests can make their popcorn as crazy as possible. The salty, sweet, and chewy give everyone something to enjoy.

16. Fortnite marathon

Play as late as needed but keep track of your stats and total them up.

The person with the highest stats gets to choose breakfast in the morning. 


17. Campfire ghost stories

Tell everyone to come prepared with the best scary stories they can find. The scarier the story the better.

18. Make s'mores

Pair your campfire ghost stories with sweet s'mores. This is a delicious way to share stories and catch up with friends.

Don't forget to argue over it's better to have a lightly toasted or burnt marshmallow. 

19. Solve a murder case

There are online games that give you the case information and clues to murder cases. You must decide who you think is the killer to solve the case off of this information.

Gather all your friends for this one!

20. Have an indoor Instagrammable picnic

Set out a blanket in the middle of the floor and pack a bag with food. I recommend sandwiches, snacks, and maybe a water bottle or tea. 


You can decorate this idea up as fancy as you'd like to get that perfect picture.

This is perfect for a rainy day or if it's too hot outside.

21. Sleep outside in a tent or on a trampoline

This one requires the perfect weather so don't forget to check the forecast or you could wake up to it raining.

This is perfect because you can jump until you're ready to sleep and just lay down.

It also gives a little bit of privacy.

22. Makeup roulette

This is a fun way to do makeup (as long as you don't want the makeup to be good). 

Keep the makeup steps written on slips and fold them up. Put these slips in a jar and randomize the order the makeup is applied.


23. Chubby Bunny challenge

To do this challenge you will need a big bag of marshmallows. Then you stuff as many as you can into your face.

Make sure to say 'chubby bunny' after every marshmallow you fit in your mouth!

24. Talent show

If you have a cool hidden talent, now is your time to shine. 

This can be any kind of talent and it's cool to see what your friends think are their talents!

25. Spa day

Bring your favorite nail polishes and be ready to paint. It's time to relax.

This is one activity that the outcome lasts way after the sleepover is over.

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26. Game night

This game night requires board games or card games and lots of them. 


Some good sleepover games are Life, Spoons, and Slap Jack.

27. Tie-dye shirts

Do this in an area far away from any rugs or furniture.

Get as many white shirts as needed. Play with how you tie off your shirts to get different patterns and designs with the dye.

28. Go on a bike ride

This is a good way to get out and see the neighborhood.

Make sure to bring your own bike that way everyone can ride at the same time!

29. Start a scrapbook

It is never too early or late to make a scrapbook.

In the scrapbook, you can put all the memories that you make with friends and have it for the rest of your life. 

30. Paint canvases

Canvases are everywhere now which makes it super easy to do this at home. 


Grab your favorite paints and play your favorite music as you and your friends paint away.

31. Chalk the driveway

This one is so much fun. Pro tip: if you wet the chalk, the pigment is so much stronger while drawing on the concrete. 

This is also a fairly easy to clean up activity. You just have to wait for the rain.

32. Blindfolded food tasting challenge

Anything in the fridge or cupboard goes. 

Each of you takes turns to taste different foods and guessing what each food is.

33. Sardines

A new take on Hide and Seek. One person is "it" and they must hide. As they are found the people who find them must stay with them, like sardines in a pack. This goes on until there's one person left, and then they become the next sardine.


34. Picture scavenger hunt

Take a list of everything you need to find along with your cellphone and get seeking! Take pictures of everything you find and meet back at one spot to see how your friends did.

35. Race each other

Time to find out which one of you is the fastest. 

Do this in your backyard or driveway for best results.

36. Play This or That

Make a list of different categories and give each category two options. Have your friends choose between the two options to see if they know which option you would prefer. 

37. Telephone

Gather your group of friends in a circle and whisper something into the person's ear next to you. They must continue until it is whispered back to you.


Is what is whispered to you what you whispered?

38. Egg Swat challenge

For this challenge, you are going to need an egg and a bowl or cup that fits over the egg. To play, take turns smacking the cup. At any time you or the other person can pick the cup up.

The goal is to get the other person to break the egg.


39. Have a photoshoot

Get all dressed up in your favorite clothes and grab a phone or camera. Have your friends take the photos and then take theirs. 

40. Make up a handshake

This can be as simple or as complicated as you want!

The simplest is a handshake followed by a fist bump.

41. Make a bucket list

Decide with your friends on things you'd like to do. Make sure to write them all down and to give a copy to every friend. 

Cross each thing off the list as you complete the goal.

42. Make friendship bracelets

Get yourself either yarn or string to start. Next, you'll need beads or some braiding skills. 

When you are done with each bracelet trade with your friend.


43. Make a Friendship playlist

Each friend takes turns adding music to a playlist until you feel like the playlist is long enough.

Now you have a bunch of music to remind you of your friendships.

44. M.A.S.H.

This one is a classic. First pick your life partner, number of kids, job, salary, car, and where you live. Add one awful option for each. Then choose a number between 3-10 and count off and cross off the option that you land on until you have one for each.

45. Hair salon

Take turns creating different hairstyles with your friends. 

Stick to hot tools and hair ties and leave scissors out of this one though.

46. Dance party

You can freestyle or even use some of the moves you found on TikTok. Pair your cool moves with your favorite music and dance the night away.


47. Trampoline Twister

Make your Twister game harder by increasing the wobbliness by playing on a trampoline. Use chalk to draw on the dots and still use the spinner.

48. Pull an all-nighter

See if you are or your friends are up to the challenge of staying awake all night. 

As friends fall asleep, they are out of the race.

49. Watch the sunrise

Make sure to capture the memory of you and your friends witnessing the sunrise. This is the perfect thing to do after doing an all-nighter.

50. Morning waffle bar

Nothing says a good sleepover like an amazing breakfast before you have to go home. 

For the waffles, the best toppings are fruits, syrups, chocolate, whipped cream, and sometimes chicken!


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