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5 Reasons Why Men Should Be Happy When Their Ladies Leave For A 'Girls' Night Out'

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Why Men Should Be Supportive Of Girls' Night Out (And Leave Jealousy Out Of It)

Our own insecurities can easily get the way of our shared happiness. No one wants to be that girlfriend that has to be glued to her phone because her man doesn’t trust her enough to go out without him.

Everyone needs their space and alone time to let loose and reset the clock.

According to the HuffingtonPost, “Jealousy arises when you are fearful of losing a relationship you value. It is among the most human of all emotions, yet it can destroy the foundation on which healthy connections are formed.”

It’s important to distinguish the difference between jealousy and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when it comes to your lady having a ’ Night Out (GNO).

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If you get angry at your girlfriend for wanting to spend time with her girlfriends at a ladies' night instead of you, you need to take a seat and reassess the terms of your relationship. You don’t own her.

But alternatively, if you feel left out because she isn’t spending enough time with you, that’s completely valid. It’s natural to want to be included, especially if it’s in the life of someone you care deeply about. But space is one of the healthiest gifts you can give your partner and if she wants to take that time to shake it on the dance floor and pound back green tea shots with her squad, that’s her prerogative.

Going out without your boyfriend is often seen as a bad thing because of the potential of another man swooping in to steal your girl. But if your foundation of trust is 100% rooted in each other, this won’t even be a concern.

In fact, being totally cool with your girl spending time with friends and without you is actually beneficial to the relationship. A 2017 study by the University of Texas found that "having a satisfying social network buffers spouses from the harmful physiological effects of everyday marital conflicts.” Although you may want it to be true, you can’t satisfy every social need that your partner has. Diversity and moderation is the key to happiness!

1. It makes her healthier!

A study completed by the University of Oxford found that when women engage in certain activities with other women, such as “drinking beer, gossiping, and talking about their rivals (preferred topic),” they are more likely to “socialize, drink and laugh together.” In turn, these behaviors improve women’s health by speeding up the recovery time from illness, building a stronger immune system, decreasing anxiety levels, and increasing generosity levels.”

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2. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

It’s an old saying for a reason! When you spend time away from your girlfriend, there are benefits for both parties. She will be thinking about you while she’s away, which will make the reunion all the better! Like Ari says, “I can’t really miss you if I’m with you and when I miss you it’ll change the way I kiss you.” Keep the spark in the relationship by allowing yourselves to be apart from each other.

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3. She can unload her anxiety on someone else.

Naturally, if you are with her, you love her endlessly. But everyone needs a break from a constant load of stress and anxiety sometimes. Her feelings are 100% valid, but they don’t always have to be a shared experience for your own mental health. When she makes a standing reservation with her , it alleviates some of the load from you. And no offense, but she’ll probably get more satisfying advice from her gossip circle than from your couch.

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4. She’s having fun!

If it is true love, you will find personal happiness in the happiness of the ones you love. Your lady is always destined to have a total blast when she’s out with her . They’ll be shotgunning Whiteclaws, screaming “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo, and stumbling over to the closest 24-hour pizza joint in total satisfaction. Sure, you could have tagged alone, but the lyrics, “Why are men great ‘till they gotta be great,” just doesn’t hit home if her boyfriend is singing it too.

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5. You also benefit from a night off, hit the town with the boys!

Just because your partner is going out doesn’t mean that you have to sit alone at home and pout. You can turn the TV off of Bachelor in Paradise reruns, change out of your weekend sweats, and grab a 12-pack to smash with the boys. And honestly, it’s probably overdue. A research project led by Robin Dunbar, head of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, discovered that the average man in a new relationship loses two close friends in the process.

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