We NEED TO Own One Of These Floating Seahorse Homes, Like, Now

Photo: THOE
floating seahorse home


If you've always dreamed of being able to live under the sea but aren't a fish or a mermaid, then The Floating Seahorse floating home is for you. That is, if you have an extra 10 million dollars to spend.

The Floating Seahorse was designed and engineered in Dubai, and is currently being fabricated in the UAE. Over 5,000 hours of research and development, and more than 13,000 hours in design and engineering went into developing these luxury dwellings, according to the Dubai developer The Kleindienst Group. 

The buoyant houses have three levels: an upper deck, a main floor at sea level, and an underwater level. Yes, that's right: the house is both under and above water.

There will be 131 Floating Seahorses in total and they're being snapped up at a remarkable speed even though the price has doubled.

"We launched them at the start of 2015 for a price of AED 5 million, and now the value is AED 10 million," said the public relations manager for Kleindienst.

The master bedroom and bathroom are completely submerged, with panoramic underwater views. Imagine being able to enjoy the underwater beauty any time you want including when you go to bed and when you first wake up.

In addition to being spectacular homes, the project is also helping to protect sea life in the Persian Gulf.

"We will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed," the company said.

The Signature Edition of The Floating Seahorse can customize to suit your individual style and taste. If you lived in a Floating Seahorse, you'd never want to go out.

A Floating Seahorse house would also make a great summer home since it gets very hot in Dubai. These homes are quite simply magical