TEARS! Watch These Adult Kids Wish Their MOMS A Happy Father's Day

Photo: youtube
Adult children wish their mothers a happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day, Mom.

Not every family is the same with one mother and one father. There can be families with a mix of parents and some with only one parent. And as challenging and difficult raising children can be, it's even harder doing it on your own.

Angel Soft (yes, the toilet paper company) pays homage to the single mother in its "Happy Father's Day, Mom" commercial, and celebrates the women who needed to be both mother and father to their children.

In the commercial, with tears running down their cheeks or trying to hold back their emotion, the adult children speak of the strength and love their single mothers gave to them. These women had to juggle being a mother, a father, and everything they had to be for themselves.

"She was tough, she was not a joke," says one woman, while another man wonders, "I don't know how she raised three boys on her own with such grace."

It's clear from the emotions these individuals show that their moms weren't only amazing mothers but were incredible fathers as well.


And yes, of course, there are also single dads who have to be incredible mothers. In an interview with Ad Age, Todd Wingfield, a senior brand manager for the company said, "We celebrate families in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Our vision is that this is the first in a series of unique stories we'll be sharing. Dads also play an important role and exemplify those traits of being soft and strong every day."

Every person who strives to do their best in raising their children deserves to be celebrated.