Baffled By The Latest Text from Your Mom? You’ll LOVE This

Photo: YouTube
mom text decoder

This is hilarious.

We’ve all been there — you get a text from your mom and you sit there for ages, dumbfounded, trying to figure out what the hell it is you’re looking at.

Mom text fails are just a part of our everyday family lives now. Maybe she typed everything in ALL-CAPS. Maybe her use of emojis went completely off the rails. Or maybe she just got into a fight with Auto Correct and DID NOT win. The sad fact is, even though our moms are awesome — after all, they're the ones who made us great (and totally screwed us up) — sometimes, their ability to text coherently is less-than-spectacular.

If you’ve ever received a text from your mom and immediately texted back “WHAT???,” you will legitimately LOL at this new promotional video for the “Mom Text Decoder,” a new app dedicated to “making moms make sense.”

Even though we kinda wish it was real, “The Mom Text Decoder” is actually the brainchild of the comedy team behind The Mystery Hour, a late-night variety show filmed live in Springfield, Missouri.

But their joke goes way beyond just one funny video. If you go to momtextdecoder.com, you can download an ACTUAL Mom Text Decoder app for IOS or Google Play. While it doesn’t really translate your mom’s textual nonsense, it will turn any gibberish text you type into a decidedly more Mom-friendly statement, like “Why are commercials so loud?” or “I ate your leftovers from Grandma Carol’s party. Sorry!”

It’s an elaborate set-up — even more elaborate than The Mystery Hour’s last video, a fake PSA that went viral last year, warning about the tragic lives of “Instagram Husbands,” the men who are now doomed to serve as their partner’s around-the-clock selfie photographers.

But “The Mom Text Decoder” is perfectly timed for Mother’s Day and might just be a funny way to broach the “your texts make no absolutely sense” subject with your own mom. Just download the app onto her phone and see if she takes the hint. To quote the video, “I still don’t understand my mom, but now at least I understand my mom.”