This Dinosaur Egg Candle Lets You Hatch A TINY RAPTOR

Photo: Firebox
Dinosaur Egg Candle


We all remember one of the most amazing scenes from Jurassic Park when Dr. Grant gets to see the birth of the raptors up close and personal. Who knew something so terrifying could actually make people say “Aww!” as it broke free of its shell for the very first time?

Now, you can experience that awesome moment with an amazing candle egg that actually “hatches” the raptor when you light it.

Have all the joy and magic of watching your dinosaur come out of its egg without all the worry of it joining with a pack of other highly intelligent predators to hunt you down later on. It’s adorable and pretty freaking awesome to watch the wax melt away and reveal the hidden dinosaur inside.

All images: Firebox

You can pre-order your hatching dinosaur candle from Firebox for £29.99, or about $42 US. The dinosaur is made of porcelain, so you will be able to keep it and love it long after the eggshell is gone.

The candle released on May 25th, so get yours while they’re still available.