Mystery Artist 'Wanksy' Paints PENISES Around Potholes

penis art

LOL. Certainly ONE way to get your potholes fixed.

If you draw a penis around a problem, people can't ignore it. At least that's what graffiti artist and political activist Wanksy believes. 

Photo: instagram.com/mattylloyd_86

It's not difficult to see the similarities between Wanksy and Banksy. Both do street art; the art of both artists is part art, part satire, and part social commentary; both keep their identities anonymous. 

But where Banksy's art sells for thousands of dollars, Wanksy's reward seems to come from the positive response his art receives. He draws penises on potholes in England as a way to force the government to fix them.

Wanksy says on his website, "I highlight dangerous potholes by turning them into temporary works of art, making them more visible and prompting the council to repair them."

Photo: instagram.com/holstagram84

This penis-pothole art started because a number of Wanksy's cyclist friends kept getting injured by riding over potholes. So Wanksy, an artist from Greater Manchester, England, decided to take action so he could inspire the government to take action, too.

He used washable paint to draw penises around potholes in his neighborhood, and within 48 hours, they were repaired.

"I wanted to attract attention to the pothole and make it memorable. Nothing seemed to do this better than a giant comedy phallus," Wanksy told the Manchester Evening News. "It's also speedy; I don't want to be in the road for a long time. It seems to have become my signature. I just want to make people smile and draw attention to the problem."

Photo: instagram.com/northern_souls_

Sometimes, potholes aren't in the forefront of people's minds and that's why what Wanksy does is so crucial.

"Potholes are very hard to see. You tend to forget about them until it's too late. But draw a big yellow willy round it, and you can't help but notice them and hopefully avoid it, too, saving the vehicle from damage or the rider from injury," he says. "Usually, the council will either notice it, or it actually gets reported and then gets repaired."

Photo: instagram.com/rawz86

Wanksy isn't unlike a superhero, as he works diligently to make the streets safe again.