7 Ways To Truly Love A Gemini Woman

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Gemini woman with boyfriend in park

Gemini women truly light up a room, which is why it's important to learn how to love a Gemini woman if you plan on keeping her around.

There's something about this lady that shines brighter than the other zodiac signs. She's able to talk to absolutely anyone, she's not shy and she loves to interact with people. She's also intellectual and loves to have her mind stimulated by new ideas.

However, she is also indecisive, impulsive, unreliable, and nosy. So make sure if you're in a relationship with a Gemini, you don't bore her. Keep her entertained and she will adore you. 

Here are a few tips for how to love a Gemini woman and make her fall in love with you for the long term. 

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1. Give her space.

Gemini women love to be around people, but they also relish their alone time. They love to read and gain knowledge on their own. They can be found at the bookstore or the local library drinking in non-fiction.

They love obscure topics, so let her be. If she wants to go have a coffee and read a book, that's her prerogative.

2. Don't be boring.

Please, don't bore a Gemini woman. She wants you to be intellectually stimulating, fun, and even a little weird. What books do you read? She wants to know. Remember that embarrassing childhood moment in second grade when you laughed so hard that you peed on yourself at school? She wants to hear the story in detail and commiserate with you.

She'll tell you about the time she accidentally drank her mom's coffee at five and loved it. Whatever you do, don't bore her; she will move on fast. 

3. Intellect impresses her, so have some brains.

Gemini women are incredibly bright people. Many are avid readers and love to learn. Have a brain in your head and use said brain when you speak to her. She doesn't have a problem calling you on your crap.

If you know something, show her what you know. But please don't pretend to know things that you don't have a clue about. A Gemini woman can detect a moron a mile away and she doesn't have patience for stupidity. 

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4. It's all about the little things with her.

You will truly impress a Gemini woman if you take note of her favorite things and then bust them out without warning. "Oh, you like sea salt chocolate? Guess what, babe? I bought some at the fancy chocolate store and I happen to have it right here. Let's dig it and watch your favorite "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" episode on Netflix."

It doesn't take a grand gesture to communicate to a Gemini that you're into her. However, you'd be surprised what a small, thoughtful overture will do in her eyes. 

5. Remember: appreciation and gratitude go a long way with a Gemini.

Say thank you to your Gemini woman and she will love you forever. She may seem like she doesn't care or is being apathetic, but she's taking note of your gratitude. If she cooks you dinner, thank her. If she plans a night out for your birthday at your favorite hot wings place, say, "You're amazing." Just say thank you.

"Thank you" is two words and it's so easy to say. It's not an epic monologue or a love song dedicated to her. All you need to do is show plain old gratitude and watch her face light up like a Chanukah Menorah on the eighth crazy night. Also, pay attention to her.

6. She does not tolerate ignorance.

Because a Gemini woman is super-smart, she has zero tolerance for ignorance. She's educated, kind, and a humanitarian. She has read 35 non-fiction books on the topic she's addressing at the moment. If you have a salient point to make, make it.

Otherwise, think before you speak and be informed on the topic because she's probably extensively researched it and knows what the f*ck she's talking about. She will silence you with her intellect and verbally eviscerate you. 

7. Be random and funny.

Don't be afraid to be silly or random — she loves that. A Gemini woman adores humor. Even if you're in a fight, she likes when you make a joke. She doesn't like fighting and the joke might break it up a bit. Make a silly face, a fart joke, or even a yo mamma reference from the 90s. But whatever you do, don't tickle her, or she will punch you. 

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