Damn, Girls: Millennial Women Drink HALF The Wine Sold In America

Photo: weheartit
Woman with large glass of wine.

These women are thirsty.

Millennials like their wine ... a lot. In fact, according to Wine Spectator, young people in their 20s and early-to-mid 30s drink almost half of the wine bought in the United States. And even more surprising, among these under-30 wine drinkers, women are out-buying men two-to-one.

As a group, millennials drank 159.6 million cases of wine in 2015, which is an average of two cases per person.

These high-frequency drinkers (those who drink wine several times a week) drank 3.1 glasses per sitting — more than any other generation. However, only four percent of millennials drink only wine (not spirits or beer). Baby Boomers are the largest group in the high-frequency class, but millennials are right behind them, making up 30 percent of frequent drinkers.

The survey found that 17 percent of millennial wine drinkers purchased a bottle that cost over $20 in the past month. Neither Gen-X nor the Baby Boomers came close to that kind of spending. The millennials want wine from more diverse regions such as Greece, Chile or Spain, and they want a wine that's sustainable and organic, but they don't care if it costs more.

And millennials aren't just drinking whatever they can get. Oh, no. They like to try a variety of different kinds of wines and don't mind paying for them. According to the Wine Market Council Survey, women in particular are more likely to buy a wine they've never tried before based on the label or based on recommendations from friends and family, rather than seek out a wine they've read about.

A separate study by Nielson found that millennial women are more likely than older women to consider themselves highly involved in wine, and that highly-involved female wine drinkers are more often educated professionals, and are more ethnically diverse than the typical female wine drinker.

Wine may be better aged, but not the wine drinkers. People in the wine business target young women, since they truly appreciate a delicious bottle of wine.